Overall I am very pleased with the build. Especially with the aesthetic.

Graphics card performs very well although there is some slight sag.

The RAM and Wraith prism cooler (came stock with the Ryzen 7) look incredible, and the cooler seems to keep the temp down very well for a stock system.

I could be more impressed with the motherboard... it looks great too but the RGB controller software is clunky and doesn't work very well. Not a huge deal.

The RAM could be faster, but I was aware of that at the time of purchase and I intend to upgrade in the near future. Also, storage goes fast when you're downloading games, so I will need to upgrade that as well.

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  • 4 months ago
  • 3 points

I like that light color for its suggestion of low temperature, but wow the RAM & AORUS logo look very bright compared to the cooler. I had an issue where one component's lighting upstaged everything else & I found no controls at all. Is it "RGB Fusion 2.0" that was clunky for you?

It may sound ironic but I think you could add more lights around the interior at a lower brightness. You have a good theme going but it's a little heavy down the middle right now. Your part picks look sensible. Photos are not very revealing but I don't see any cable management travesty. Nicely assembled.

  • 4 months ago
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At the time I was having an issue with the fusion software, where I could not control the brightness of the lights on the board or RAM. The RGB Fusion is definitely not ideal especially compared to the tool that comes with the prism cooler.

Eventually I figured out that I could dim the RAM by changing the color values but keeping the same ratio of R/G/B. It looks much more balanced now and highlights the prism cooler a bit more, which has some cool effects.

There is still an issue where the RAM will use its default setting from startup until I log in to windows, since the RAM lights can't be controlled from BIOS.

I see your point about adding some more lights around the outside. My next buy will probably be a couple RGB fans for just that reason.


  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

Love the design. Looks like a one heck of a good gaming PC.