This is just a new quite version of my first PC. I bought some Noctua fans before Black Friday to try and stop me from spending too much on the actual day. Installed the fans and did some cable management. Move some RGB strips. Looking good now...and soquiet. Yes I meant to spell soquiet like "that" - Go ahead say it as one word - Also 3600 replaced 2200G.

Part Reviews


Coming from a 2200G to this was a big step in the right direction. Bought it at launch wish I waited till today... Deals

CPU Cooler

Loudest Fan in my case - still pretty quiet - great deal for the price


Wasn't able to run full XMP rated speeds with the Ryzen 2200G, until I updated the BIOS and installed the R 3600. Working well now.


Fastest Hard drive I've used - Good deal as well -

Video Card

Love the way the heat pipe sticks out on this cheap SOB. Plus I can get 100 Frames on COD MW 1080p High settings and getting 60 FPS on Outer Worlds 1080p Ultra preset.


Guy at Canada Computers was building in one, he also said this is the case I have. I was caught up in a con mans rouse. I have no regrets, lots of room to cable manage in the back and fairly quiet.

Case Fan

Nice Fan, low noise, good air

Case Fan

Nice Fan, low noise, good air

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  • 2 months ago
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Buying one on sale now! Good CPU still even if you paid over!

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  • 2 months ago
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Bought it at launch. I saw that deal wish I waited, but 3600 is still a solid CPU.

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