Nothing trumps the professional feeling of a gray scale colour palette. My car is a '96 black BMW named Heidi, I personally love to wear black blazers, and so this computer build aligns with that theme.

I had decided that, while my old Phenom X6 still performed beautifully, six years old is enough to make me want to upgrade with something a little nicer, one that I could build myself, as I had help from friends with the last build. My vision for this build was paramount cable management, presentation, impressive cooling figures and relative future-proofing.

The only things that I am bringing over from an old 2010 Phenom X6 build is the two hard drives, and the ASUS 960 Strix 4GB. Everything else was purchased from a friend who specializes in IT in the Greater Vancouver region. He recommended to me that the i7-6700k was the only proper step for the vision of my build, and while it was a larger investment than i'd hoped, I decided to take his word for it.

He then recommended the NZXT H440, and while I appreciated the appearance and features, during my shopping I had discovered the Corsair Carbide 400C; the gorgeous exterior and the full panel window and cable management options, in addition to the multitude of fan mounting options had quickly whisked my heart.

I had been tempted to pick out a budget motherboard to keep the costs lower, but when I had discovered the MSI Pro Carbon, I justified the increase in cost with the fact that it would align with my aesthetic design choices. It's LED options would provide an added dimension of illumination inside the case.

I had originally picked out budget ram, 2x4GB, but as a Christmas gift, my friend had upgraded me to the LED Vengeance 2x8GB. He insisted that the illumination would look good in the case. They give this "breathing" illumination, and the heat sinks look very very striking.

His other gift to me was the ARCTIC Liquid 240. I had recently installed the Corsair H60 on my old build, so I was discovering the benefits of liquid cooling. There was ample room to install all four fans and the radiator. He also provided me with two extra fans from a previous build of his. These fans would later be added as extra case fans.

For the inital build, i brought over my old XFX 650W PSU from my old computer, with a failing fan. The next day I would purchase a CS550M because of a sale and it's semi-modular capabilities.

I would also install 2m of NZXT LED lighting, I appreciate the PCI back panel mount and 3-brightness capabilities.

Part Reviews


I have no intention to overclock at this time, but this CPU has only given me good results after a week of testing with various games.

CPU Cooler

Easy to install, ample options and the fans daisy-chained together allow them to work in unison from one fan header.


Looks great, the board LED's are red, but the rear LED's have adjustable colour. Someone mentioned it has trouble recreating a white colour, which it does, you need to set the software to a light blue to do so. All the other features are very good and the build quality feels great.


Visually stunning heatsinks and lighting. Can only seem to get one of the sticks to adjust its lighting pattern though.

Video Card

Good video card, with good OC capabilities. looks great, but be careful with handling as the fans are very very fragile.


Beautiful window, beautiful exterior, ample cable management options, ample space for any cooling configurations, optional PSU and HDD covers, dust shields, top mounted IO, easy to build with, I cannot praise this case enough.

Power Supply

Great value in a simple PSU with semi modular capabilities.


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You do realize you can face the PSU upside down and not have the graphic's card be really hot since their dragging air from the same area..?

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This is my first build and this is exactly the kind of input I was looking for, thanks!

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