The primary purpose of this build is to allow my wife to play LAN Co-op games with me as well as being used for basic tasks like web browsing, email and some work related stuff. Any of the parts that are listed as $0 I had laying around in my spare parts bins. I was originally concerned about airflow in the case but that turned out to not be a problem even with a +75 core +150 memory on the GPU. I will be giving it to her for her birthday in a few weeks so I have only tested a handful of games and everything is butter smooth on a 1080p 60hz monitor.

Part Reviews


Excellent little quad core that is more than enough for my wifes needs. Went with this over a Ryzen chip due to clock speed.

CPU Cooler

Keeps everything nice and cool without any problems. Hard to beat at the price I paid for it.


A great motherboard with lots of nice features. Two m.2 slots and 3 fan headers hits the sweet spot for this form factor.


Looks nice and runs well. No complaints.


Came out of my old test bench, works great for boot and a few small games.


Slow but I have quite a few laying around that I got for free. Works fine for extra storage.

Video Card

I love EVGA cards and this is no exception. I would like to see the price for this card about $25 lower than were it currently sits but its still not an awefull deal.


Looks nice and it comes with two fans. Front intake is very limited so I wouldn't recommend a bunch of high heat parts but for this system is works perfect.

Power Supply

Powers everything, doesn't explode, and I have a few of them laying around.


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Glad to see I’m not the only one that puts their mb on the mb box when installing components lolz

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It gets the job done and its free :)