So this is a pre-built i upgraded ,and i plan on upgrading it more. It originally had a 1050ti, an i7 6700, asrock b250m pro, seagate barracuda 1tb, be quiet system power 8 550w 80+, skorpo v case, and some cheap fans. I use it for gaming mainly, but after i upgrade the rest of the parts it will be used for streaming and gaming. It's 4 years old (well now it's mostly not" it worked really well ,especially when i purchased the pc 4 years ago. The last 2 years it started not being able to run at max settings 60fps, and that't why i took it upon myself to upgrade it. The case has been a bit of a pain in the *** to assemble, because in the manual it doesn't say which type of screws to use, and there's a lot of different ones. But it's running very good now its really quiet when idling but it get very loud because of the gpu fans ,and because this is an open case.

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