This build replaces an ASUS prebuilt I bought back in 2011 that served me faithfully for many years. I definitely got $400 of use out of it, but the demands of new software and limited multitasking ability pushed me to finally build my first PC from scratch.

My intention is to build a "jack of all trades" budget machine that isn't mind blowing at anything, but performs decently during various types of usage. I'll use this to play older games (Skyrim etc.) at 1080 60fps, but I also want to prioritize the ability to multitask. Often I'm playing a poorly optimized windowed CCG while listening to YouTube videos, surfing reddit, and using Discord at the same time. In the future I'd like to get into content creation and use this rig to record podcasts, stream, and edit low quality video.

This PC ended up being much quieter that I initially assumed it would be especially with the budget PSU and $4(!) case fan. Perhaps I'm just used to the diesel engine that was my previous machine, but I'm very happy with the noise level.

I purchased the PNY 1050ti card on /r/hardwareswap and luckily it's working with no issues. The 1600 and motherboard were purchased as a bundle from Microcenter for ~$200.

Part Reviews


I debated spending more for a 2600, but I'm glad I went with this CPU and it's better cooler. It handles all the multitasking I throw at it, and I've yet to max it out with my increased use. Hitting 1080 60fps on games is no issue at all.


I heard stories about this board having issues with intermittent freezing, but I decided to go with it anyway due to the price, Ryzen 2000 ready BIOS and 4 RAM slots. Luckily I have not had any working issues with the board and enabling XMP on my 3000mhz RAM was very easy. I did have a hard time getting the 24 pin power connector in the socket fully, but that was the extent of my frustration. Currently, I would recommend this board as long as they get one with a newer BIOS preinstalled.


I had no issues getting this to run at 3000mhz on my motherboard.


I initially wasn't going to get an SSD for this build due to never having used one, but I don't think I can ever go back after this. I chose this drive because it was recommended on The Wire Cutter and the cheap brands I saw for sale weren't instilling confidence. The speed is absolutely fantastic. I go from completely off to running my browser in ~13 seconds.

Video Card

Runs games at 1080 60fps very well, which is exactly what I need it to do. Temps peak at ~69c to 70c at 100% usage.


I fell in love with the aesthetics of this case while I was watching build guides, and I pulled the trigger even though it had a bigger footprint that I wanted. Building in this case was a pleasure, and I'm very attracted to the horizontal board layout. The cable management situation is a little wonky, but I'm happy with the final result. The included 200mm fan is relatively quiet and suits my needs. The only downside is a lot of empty unused space on the inside which is good for beefier cooling solutions, but is a bit useless for me. I really wish I could trade that empty space for a smaller footprint. Overall, I enjoy the clean cube look and would recommend this case to others who are attracted to it as well.

Power Supply

Quiet enough and gives me all the power I need for these components. I am using all the modular cords for 2 drives, the GPU, and 1 auxiliary case fan. Adding anything else would require an upgrade, but for now it's exactly what I need.

Case Fan

At the last minute, I wanted to add one more case fan to exhaust air in the back of the case. Unfortunately I was already at my budget and had to go with a $4 fan from a brand I had never heard of. To be honest, I'm reasonably happy with this fan. It's not loud and does it's job of exhausting air from the case well. The main issue with this fan is the cabling. Not only is it a red and yellow cord that sticks out like a sore thumb, but the cord is just laughably short. The cord from the fan to the motherboard is just barely long enough to work, and if the board connector was any further away, it probably wouldn't work without extensions. In addition, the rest of the cord that ends in a molex power connector is only half that length. Without an extension cord, this makes appealing cable management impossible. Currently, I have the connection from the PSU to the fan resting on the top of the CPU cooler which is not great. But hey, it's a $4 fan that does it's job. I recommend it to those who can stomach or adequately deal with the short cord.


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Nice build:)

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Great build! Good choice of CPU for your needs