I have to say this was a very fun project. I began picking out parts and settling a budget early August so I was so ready to build it. I'm 17 and my parents bought the parts for my birthday on Black Friday so i got HUGE discounts, plus the aesthetics are pretty sexy. I already had the peripherals from my old 2010 laptop which was on its last leg. I'm still new to building so feel free to comment what you think. (Sorry for the poor pictures, i took them with my old iphone 4).

Parts: (If you're curious) CPU: The crown jewel of my build, the AMD Fx-8320 that i got for 100$ at microcenter (my grandma actually lives near one and bought it for my birthday, I'm her only grandson so i get spoiled). It's lightning fast and since its unlocked i can do some overclocking and 8 cores never hurts.

Cooler: I wanted a cheap but efficient aftermarket cooler so why not go with the amazing CM Hyper 212 Evo, which got my CPU temp to be 35 degrees idle and around 40 degrees under load, plus the 200m fan on the side of the case does help.

Mobo- I had planned on getting the Asus M5A97 le r2.0, but this gigabyte had a better price at the time and didn't differ much other than the brand. Gigabyte makes solid boards as well so I wasn't dissapointed, front 3.0 and its really sexy with the slick black and grey look, goes well with the case and video card. Memory- I just wanted 8gb of memory for a solid Black Friday price so i went the G. Skill ARES series which is a bright blue and runs swell at 1600.

Storage- WD Caviar Blue 1tb, very popular and I know i wouldn't need any more than 1tb. I plan on getting an SSD soon, but who knows... hopefully SSD technology will get more widely produced and less pricey. I love the case though, it was really easy to get the drive in there.

Video Card- My second favorite part of the build, the MSI HD 7870 GHz Edition. I love this card and I've been wanting it for a while, when the 7870s and 7850s went on sale over black friday weekend I almost had a heart attack, now all the bitcoin miners are buying them all so I'm i got it when I did. I can run most games max settings, for sure league at very high settings (max) at 60fps no problem and payday 2/guild wars are maxed and run really well. I might get BF4 who knows, but the card is still a monster.

Network Adapater- Only reason I'm putting this in here is because of the difficulty i had with this stupid thing. First the driver disk that came with it didn't go with the model of adapter so after i called tech support trying to figure out why it wasn't reading it, turns out the disc didn't match the adapter so i had to download the right driver and still it drops my connection a lot and it only fits right (antenna goes up) at the front usb 3's so its an eye sore for the tower. I plan on getting a new one, preferably psi one.. Any suggestions would be nice since i dont have ethernet upstairs where my room is at all.

Case- SEXY CASE, oh my word i got this for an amazing price with MIR and it just fit all my needs and more! Included front white leds and the 200m on the side for the video card and the whole freaking motherboard actually. It looks so fine and fits my color scheme as well. The entirely tool-less was incredible and the airflow I'm pretty sure is spot on, have the EVO fan sending out through the exhaust fan (Thats standard, but I think the two front 120s and side 200 help a lot). I highly recommend this case for any build ever.

Power Supply- Can't go wrong with corsair, 500w was perfectly fine, non-modular so i did have some cables left over but I'm not too worried about that. Nothing has blown up yet so i think its fine XP. I know seasonic and such is really good but im a big fan of corsair.

Asus CD drive- I planned on having more asus stuff in my build because they're such a good company, but oh well, it works and i have Asus displayed right on the front of my case.

Thanks for reading all of these shenanigans, you guys at r/buildapc and partpicker are awesome so eat it up.


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