This PC has been through several renditions, but here is hopefully its final form for a while.

I bought the CPU/Case/Mobo/Ram 2 years ago (hence the pricing). Also I realize the PSU is way overpowered for this build but a buddy of mine sold it to me for cheap and it is modular which my old one wasn't. (I also had 2 OC'd R9 270x's).

I also just replaced all the stock coolermaster case fans with the Antec's and it's much quieter. I had a Scythe Kaze fan in there too (3000rpm+45-50 decibels) as an exhaust fan but it was too loud even at low speeds, plus I think the bearings broke when I ran it at full blast for 3 hours as it started to make weird sounds.

I also took out my DVD Drive because I don't really need it and it is now in my HTPC (which is also on this profile).

I provided a before and after in the photos (the one with 2 GPu's). I didn't need the second GPU and I got decent money when I resold it.

I bit better wire management would go a long way I just haven't had the energy to go and pick up some tubing to hide the temp sensors for the Fan Controller.

Also I have put a wood plank under the computer since taking the photos.

Overall it's been an awesome Rig. Easy to maintain and very little dust gathers inside (mostly likely because its under my desk)

Last Note: the 3D mark scores are based on the 3Dmark app downloaded from Steam and playing all 3 tests. For the extreme test (Firestrike) I went from a score of 7182 with 2 GPU's to 5363 with just one.

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  • 71 months ago
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How's the case? Thinking of getting it!


  • 71 months ago
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Case is awesome.You should think of getting the CM 690 III, my buddy got it and its even nicer than this one. you should go on coolermasters website and check it out.