Well to start things off, I wanted to update my build on what im currently running soo far going into 2018 While im saving and waiting to start my New Ryzen Build Project Malthael 3.0. With that said here are the specs going into 2018

  • AMD Fx 9590 @ 5.3GHZ / 1.52v STABLE

  • Asus Sabertooth R3.0 , GREAT MOBO and probly better IMHO then a ASUS crosshair V 990fx

  • 16GB 4x4GB setup, OC'd to 2133mhz but had to increase CAS value to be stable but running at 1.45v

  • WD blue 500GB 5400rpm 32MB - Is my backup Drive till i get my hands on a Few WD Blue 3TB drives for more storage/Games

  • WD BLue 1TB 7200rpm 64MB - is more storage for games until like i said before till i can get some better drives for allocation of my games and backup stuff

  • Seagate FireCuda 2TB Hybrid drive - mostly using for large games like Forza 7/6/FH3 and destyiny and a few others.

  • Just Recently Picked up a XFX Rx 580 8GB XTR - STOCK Specs out of box are 1405mhz core / 2000mhz MEM ---> but used a tool Called OverDriveNTool which you manually edit all values and including mV on core and mem and ETC, and I used another Tool for Flashin the Bios Called PolarisBiosEditor and Increased power board Limit from 145w to 200w and a few other things which you can figure out on your own if you hasnt already used it before, But my OC'd Values now are 1580mhz Core @ 1220mv/ 2100mhz Mem @ 1080mv from the stock 1000mv / Power Limit 75+ (bios hack) and stable under load at max temp of 55-60c depending on the type of load.

Other Then that I currently casual Game and Light Media work (photoshop and adobe premire from time to time) this setup can do 1440p, I used to have a 27' 1440p Panel by Acer until it was stolen from me but for now this is what i am CURRENTLY using --> 32' Lg Display LG 32MA70HY-P 32

Soo the Wrap this all Up Good Solid Rig for what i use it for the time being until I start my Next Ryzen build (this year soon) and will probly retire this rig for something like a PFsense Router/NAS or something havent decided till that times comes.

  • If anyone wants to give my Bios-Mod a try heres the link Rx580BiosModV3 Password to the Rar File is PolarisMod P.S dont judge incase you see anything that looks upsetting, im still learning about Polaris and Bios's and Etc so yeah.

*UPDATE 1/9/18 just go a new TT tower 900 for a killer deal at frys electronics for 200$ and over the last two nights ive been transfering parts and figuring out this case because i can say this was a little bit of a challenge due to the fact that the whole layout of the mobo and everything was not something im used to but it was a fun learning experience. I will post pics soon once i get all the kinks and cable management done.

*UPDATE 5/5/2018 Just Reconfigured the Bios and Now pushing 1500mhzCore under 1.25V and 2250mhz on mem which equals to 9000mhz Effective memory speed. ive done some tweaks on MSI AB to make it a little power effiecent but thats about it.

*Update 6/26/18 just order my new CPU fx-9590 and I'm curious to see the performance gains over my fx 8150 OCD 5ghz

*Update 7/3/18 Finally Installed my Fx 9590 and already got it overclocked to 5.3Ghz under 1.52v

Part Reviews


Great Motherboard!!, probly imo the best 990fx mobo vs a asus crosshair v. love all the extra stuff it came with and better vrms and etc! best 200$ i spent!

Video Card

Great GPU, this replaced my old XFX r9 390 DD 8gb and in terms of performance, i was a little sketchy from what i have read and seen on youtube in terms of benchmarks but this Card Def surprised me, even tho it's OC'd out of the box, i decided to push it further and i did, with a Bios flash and etc, 1580/2100 +75power and increased board power limit from 145w to 200w. Def a great buy, i run every 1080 game pretty muched maxed, i have run a few games using AMD's VSR and played on 1440p and even 4k and it still did well 50-65fps Avg with medium-high settings. Soo other then that im pleased!


Great lan box to buy imo, it was a little hard to stuff a FULL SIZE ATX ps from EVGA (g2 1000w) but i got it to fit barely!, but cooling wise its great, i give it a 10/10

Power Supply



For the price point of this monitor, its great, yeah its an ips and etc, but for what i use it for it gets the job done, Viewing angles are great and color is great, i tried to OC the refresh rate but no sucess lol (luckily i didnt brick the monitor or i would be SOL) i give it 10/10 (even tho it couldnt oc which i wouldnt count as a con)


  • 16 months ago
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Unlucky that your monitor was stolen, if you don't mind my curiosity. How exactly was it stolen? Other than that, nice build.

  • 16 months ago
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significant other's family member.. lol paid 400$ cheapest 1440p i could get my hands on, and it didnt have a vesa mount :'( but im over that and are much happier with my current display.

  • 16 months ago
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Do you have a second gpu in there?

  • 16 months ago
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a spare xfx r3 240 4gb for my other monitor to help eliminate workload on my main rx 580

  • 11 months ago
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Hey Crazy Chief, I've been looking for that Mobo for WEEKS now, can't find it in stock anywhere near me, do you know where I could buy one?, I would really appreciate it.

  • 11 months ago
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when i bought this which was i think 1 1/2 year ago, i got lucky, i've been trying to find another one to because i have a phenom 1045t that i was build. if i find anything ill PM you.

  • 11 months ago
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Thanks Man, I Appreciate it : )