The alienware M17x R4 I won back in 2013 died one month ago, so It was to time to build my first PC ever.

I had a tight budget since the wife was paying for half of it, if it was just me it would have cost at least double !

Uses: (Me) - Eve Online - Diablo 3 / Path of Exile / Grim Dawn - CK2 / EU4 / Vicky2 / HoI4 + Stellaris (soon) - Some AAA RPGs frome time to time (Elder scrolls, Fallout etc) - Work (Programmable Logic Controllers + Human Machine Interfaces from Siemens, Schneider, GE, ABB, A&B etc)

(Wife) - Sims 3, Sims 4 - Simple video montage for her small youtube chain

(Both) - 1080p Movies with excellent 2.1 sound system - Home Theater (later) - NAS (later)

I wanted something I could upgrade and/or expand. In a near future I'll add a crapton of 3-4Tb HDD and build my basement Home Theater around it.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars

CPU I originally settled on the i3-6100 because the $/performance ratio is insane at the moment, and because I read something about being able to OC it with an old BIOS version. I tried, but it never worked. I sent it back and got the i5-6600k instead. It's a really good CPU but it cost twice as much as the i3-6100, and honestly for what I'm doing I can't see any real difference. It may be a little more future proof because of the 4 real cores and the overclockability tho. I could have gone with Haswell instead of skylake but there isn't a big enough gap in prices between the two to justify the older generation.

CPU OC Best I've done so far is 4.8Ghz (48*100) at 1.42V, stable for 1h under Aida64, and 1error on Prime95 for 30min. I downgraded it at 4.7GHz 1.35V for every day use.

CPU cooler It's big, it's ugly, it's cheap and it does the job. As it was my first build, I chickened on the CPU cooler. I went with the best $/performance even it means I see that big thing all day long. This thing, for the price, do wonders. I'm not sold on AiO since most of them come with subpar fans, so it's another 50$ to throw at fans, and I doubt the performance will be that much better. I'll probably go with something quieter later on :be quiet! Dark Rock or Cryorig R1. Noctuas seems the best but look like ****.

Motherboard What to say... It works and it looks good. The sound is pretty damn good. Sometimes I wish I went cheaper and more neutral about the color (MSI Z170-A gaming pro carbon looks dank).

Memory Bought these because they were cheap and red. For 5$ I could have had DDR4-3000 instead but whatever. I OCed them at 2800 anyway, coudn't go higher.

SSD That thing is damn fast. I have a Kingston 480Gb at work, it's day and night.

GPU I wish I bought a 390 so I would have an excuse to throw 800$ at a freesync 144Hz 1440p monitor. Currently I have a cheap 200$ 1080p 60Hz IPS panel. So far I haven't tried the 380 much (all fps are in 1080p): - Heavily modded Skyrim 43-80 fps ultra - Attila total war 30-60 fps ultra I always had some subpar GPU, it's really pleasant to be able to play at game at max settings.

Case A lot of room, beautiful case, very modular, quiet. I only wish the window was bigger. The stock fans are dead quiet, I only had to add an exhaust fan on the back. The built in fan controller is good too. I originally bought 3x noctua redux PWM and plugged them on the Mobo. But the speed variation was annoying... I returned them back, put the two white stock fans in front and bought a silent wing 2 on sale for the exhaust. Since it black it doesn't look as ****** as the grey noctuas. Seriously WTF, if their white and turd colors arent enough crap their Redux line is god damn ******* grey. I hate you Noctua, I want to give you my money but stop making god damn ugly fans.

Powersupply Wish I went cheaper (EVGA) or with a higher Wattage for upgradability. Semi-modular, good build quality. Mobo cables are sleeved but the others are not, and they look like ****. I'm at 215W full load so I have some breathing room before going for something more powerfull tho.

WAN Adapter Does the job. My internet is crap anyway.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Tried it for all the hype I read about it. It works wonders


Good layout, works perfectly, looks good. Overclocked my i5 6600k to 4.8 no problemo.

Sound is damn good


Its RAM and it works... OCed at 2800, can't stabilize any higher

For 5$ more I could have had 3000Mhz, watch for it.

Video Card

My goal was to play at max settings on 1080p, that thing handle it very well. Temperature is not as high as expected, 62celcius at full load.


Pros: - Lot of room - Good airflow - Beautifull - Lot of HDD racks - Dead silent stock fans

Cons: - White brackets for the PCI slots, seriously WTF, you see them 2km away from the window. I'll have to paint mine black. - Cheap window, I'd like it bigger too

Power Supply

It started making rattling noises three weeks after purchase. I have to punch it to make them stop. Cables are meh.

Overall I wish I went with an EVGA G2

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Ambient temp is very low (20-21c). I live in Canada and the PC is in the basement.

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Ah nice