This build started 6 months ago. My daughter, Autumn, wanted to build her first pc. She loved the white 460x and I had the Z170-S in the closet waiting for my next build. She decided the white theme was great and Corsair has a great variety of products in white so off we went. She purchased all the parts as she could and as you can see she chose quality and patience. We just finished testing the loop for leaks and cycled it for 18 hours to clean it out, drained it and added the coolant. It booted up first try.

A few notes: The icue commander controlling the lighting is not compatible with the bykski gpu and cpu coolers so we will be adding an off brand controller for those. She is still downloading drivers and apps so no load tests yet. You may notice we opted for dual radiators in the loop and a push pull configuration. We noticed most all loops we saw, during design, looped hot water through at least 1 of the coolers (cpu or gpu). We thought perhaps this would give the second cooler the maximum cooling option. Also a bit more versatility for placement. By the time we got to the loop design we saw the Corsair Pump/reservoir combo, but already had the 2 water blocks, and were so excited it fell into the Corsair theme we missed the note that it had to be vertically mounted. The only place it would fit required removal of the 2 front fans, leading to push pull. A couple of pictures from day one. Hope you like them.

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  • 6 months ago
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Nice build! You and your daughter should be proud :)

  • 4 months ago
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Very good build!!! I really want to get into custom looping... any recommendations??