First time building, couldn't have done this without my mom (She matched half of what I could put up). Overall, everything seems to be working fine (Still installing games), only issue is the CPU heat. I know that when using a stock cooler on the 750K, it tends to run hot but running around 50C when idling is a bit too hot for my liking, most likely I'll invest in the future in maybe a 212 for CPU cooling.

Although not many know about the case, it was fairly easy to work in for a first time builder. The manual like always is not descriptive but it atleast gives you a good idea on how to remove some parts of the case. I will though strongly advise you think about your cable management before you start, this case does not have that big of room for cable management. The main 20+4 Pin cable was impossible to fit behind the normal cable management space so I had to put it behind the Hard Drive bays but managed to look nice enough to where it wasn't much of an eye sore. But even with the normal cables, it took 3 or 4 times of readjusting cables and pushing the side panel shut in order to seal up that section.

Overall it was a pleasure building this PC for the first time and now I can legitimately recommend anyone else the same, next time though, I'm more likely to get a modular PSU.


  • 72 months ago
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you need to seriously invest in an aftermarket Cpu cooler if you want to overclock, you're burning that 750k to **** right now. You shouldn't have temps over 70 if you plan to have a stable long lasting rig.

  • 72 months ago
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Yea, That's what I plan to, I think it's due to my CPU being some how overclocked to 4Ghz without me doing anything.

  • 69 months ago
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you probably have oc genie turned on in uefi go in turn that off and you should be good unless you want to keep overclock