Upgrading from my original ~C. 2009/2010 build, which was a mid range AMD/ATI build [AMD Phenom II x2 Black Edition CPU/Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1GB GPU]

Parts carried over: NXZT Phantom (White) Full tower case Case fans (NZXT 200mm w/ Blue LED {FS-200BLED}, Rosewill 120mm w/ Blue LED {RFX-120BL}, Noctua 120mm {NF-F12 PWM}, Noctua 140mm {NF-A14 PWM}) Rosewill Apollo RK-9100xB Keyboard Gigabyte GM-M6980X mouse Logitech G430 Wired Gaming Headset -- Author's Comments: Case has black Aperture 80's logo decals on it, as well as the icon for Mercy from Overwatch on the front, underneath a round Navy Blue circular stick with the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) logo from the Halo video game series. -- Future Plans: * GPU Watercooling

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