Sorry for potato quality pics and stupid order.

I set out to build a budget gaming pc and heres what I did:

CPU: Got the new i5, i5 is good, onboard graphics is good, speed is good, all good. Got the K to have overclocking as a future option.

Mobo: After reading alot of reviews and comparing mobos, settled on this, has 3 display outs, including hdmi which i wanted. Got the Z87 so i can overclock in future as the processor becomes more dated. Wasn't too happy when it arrived, box was dented, not closed properly, the manual inside was dented, there was even marks on the heat sinks on the board.

RAM: Don't see the need for 16gb for my uses, got this ram because it was black mainly, DDR3 1600mhz, i don't require anything fancier. Got decent medium profile heatsinks on them too. In the pictures it appeared to have black pcb, it turned out to be normal green though :(

HDD: Recycling this from old PC, as its only 4 months old, thank god i don't have to reinstall everything :) 1TB, if i need more space i'll buy another, simple.

GPU: Also recycling this from old PC, don't have the budget to upgrade atm, will be the first thing i do upgrade when i can. Atm i can play pretty much everything i want to at 1080p, increasingly more games i can't max out though. (Got it off a friend for £50 last year, hence the price.)

Now upgraded to a MSI R9 270x :)

Fan: Bought an extra fan, took the exhaust fan that came with the case, put it on the front, so 2 on the front, 1 on the back, this corsair fan is the performance edition with high air flow, so things should even out. If you buy one of these, the fitting is a huge pain, you have to screw into the rubber grommets, its horrible and a lot of effort, you think you are doing something wrong :@

Case: This case looks great, very simplistic, plenty of space inside, has a front door which is nice. The front fans have an intake beneath them which isn't covered by a dust filter, there is a dust filter in front of them, but no intakes, so pointless as far as i see, quite a design flaw, the rest of the case is nice though. They don't supply extra long fan screws for the front! (i'll try and take some pictures to show what i mean) The dust filters are more like grates than dust filters, i can't see them stopping much dust :( especially on the front where theres just an unfiltered gap.

Optical: Why not, i still have games on disc. Got the Asus because it doesn't look as cheap as other drives at the same price range.

OS: If you're still a W7 fanboy, grow up, get used to W8, you'll be glad you did. Now 8.1.

PSU: Got the CS 650M, do not get confused with the CXM, the CSM is not yet listed on pcpartpicker, get it from ebuyer, its ~£9 more, but is 80+ Gold, 7% extra efficiency over the lifetime of your PSU for £9 seems worth it to me. The CSM is also fully compatible with haswell processors, the CX is not "confirmed" If your buying a haswell processor, make sure your PSU is compatible for its low power mode thingy.

Took ages to fit all the cables in the back complete mess, cables appear to be as neat as they can be in the front. Ripped out some blue leds from my old PC for a bit of internal mood lighting.

Booted first time!

Attached the voltage step down adapter for the exhaust fan, and used a splitter on the front 2 to halve the voltage, resulting in very quiet function.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to your comments.

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  • 72 months ago
  • 3 points

NZXT. makes the most amazing looking cases ever. Wow, nice build.

  • 72 months ago
  • 2 points

Absolutely Brilliant.

  • 72 months ago
  • 1 point

nice budget build, but you posted on completed builds section and your key components haven't been installed yet :(

post more pics when its fully done too :)

  • 72 months ago
  • 1 point

Even though I did enjoy that last picture won't +1 till its actually completed