I built my first computer! My iMac at work is still better, but I wanted something more powerful than my Acer laptop when I edit from home. I also want to get more into PC gaming.

The build was simple since I watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials and read the manuals. The most difficult part was screwing the motherboard into the case because the screws are tiny and some of the screw holes are in a cramped space (fortunately, my wife helped with this part). I also struggled with inserting the I/O shield for the motherboard so it's a little bent.

In total it took about 3 hours to build and 1 hour to troubleshoot. One piece of advice is to FOLLOW THE MANUALS. That will save you having to search for minor issues later.

I went with a 250 GB SSD to hold my OS and software. I also chose a 2 TB HDD to handle all the writing to disk I need to do in my work. 32 GB of RAM seems a little overkill, but I like to have many programs open, so hopefully that will give me enough headroom.

Being budget friendly was important to me for a mid-tier PC build, so I bought used where I could. Eventually I will upgrade the monitor to 32", but for now I decided on a used 27" that saved me about $70 and is in pretty good condition. I also bought a used case, it has some dings, but it is fine to me. That knocked off about $20.

Any questions, let me know!

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  • 25 days ago
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nice build :).. heyy how is your power suppy? can it handle all the parts??. i´m thinking to use this one for my build