First ever build. I chose the H97m Pro4 because I got decent deal on it along with good reviews. I do not need an OC capable board even though I ended up going with the 4790k.

I wanted a really small form factor case and the n200 was the best I found for the money. It really is a nice little case. Cable management was a bit tough but it all got worked out and cleaned up in the end.

CM 212 Evo, suggested by a friend. Probably not the best CPU cooler for this case because it takes up so much room but awesome cooler for the money. Hindsight I should have probably gone with the Corsair h100i since it will fit in this case and frees up a bit of room.

G.Skill X Series 8GB. Went with basic 8GB 1600 sticks here. Nothing special

Kingston V300 for my boot drive and main apps, WD Cavair blue for everything else.

MSI GTX 970 4B TFV, awesome card for the money. I wanted to go a bit bigger on the card so I wouldn't have to upgrade later down the road.

Rosewill 750W. Only purchased from NewEgg because it was on sale. Next time, I will definitely be buying modular or at least semi-modular PSU. This would have helped with cable management.

Lite-on DVD/CD. Cheap. Works.

Windows 8.1. Not bad.

Asus VE247H- Very impressed with this monitor. I will probably be picking up a 2nd in the future.

CM Case fans- Value pack is all i needed. They fit, are plug and play and work.

CM Storm Devastator. Good mouse, keyboard combo. You can turn off the LED on the keyboard but not on the mouse, frustrating.

Happy with this for my first build. It will definitely do everything I could dream of doing. Plan on playing FPS, Survival games soon. It will also be my general purpose computer.


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Nice build. How is the monitor? +1

  • 60 months ago
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The VE247H is gorgeous. Beautiful picture. Clean and crisp. I'm probably going to buy another for my setup.