This is my development/gaming build. It is based on a Z87 Asus Gryphon platform with an i7-4770K CPU.

Last board was an i7-920 so it was hard to improve CPU performance. I keep my old nVidia 670 and Corsair SSD as I will upgrade in one year.

Asus OC configuration was a breeze. I just had to set the profile to XMP the multiplier to 45 and the system was stable immediately. As stated on many blogs the voltage was a bit higher than necessary. As I was only aiming for a bit of performance I settled on 42. AX-860i is a perfect PSU. 99% efficiency most of the time. Fan idle. The H100i has an excelent thermal performance. 80º at 100% OpenCL CPU, 40º on normal tasks. The limit is mostly the small and cramped interior. H100i stock fans are quite noisy, tho.

So far the limitations of the system are just the old parts, still able to play most current games at 1920x1080 max settings. A software RAID 0 on the two WD Red is as fast on sequential as the SSD, 300MB.

A beautiful small system, don't attemp without modular cabling.


  • 65 months ago
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where are those hard drives mounted?

  • 69 months ago
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Are you going to SLI? Because if not, that power supply was unnecessary.

  • 69 months ago
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I will, but not right now. The PSU lasts for 7+ years.