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Ragnarok is my first build. I started building this in July of 2015 and, after adding parts throughout the year, I've finally decided I'm done with the addition of my Fractal Design Define R5 case. This is my gaming build that I foresee will keep me going for the next 5 or more so years.

The build all started when I found a refurbished GTX 970 last year on sale for $304. And honestly, you couldn't tell it was refurbished the way it purrs. Then, I added parts on top of my GPU to end up with this magnificent build. Let's look at the parts.


The heart of all PCs, I chose the i5-4690K since my mom had an Amazon coupon for an i5 processor. The 4690K offers one of the best-in-class CPU gaming performance as well as having enough power to stream and record gaming sessions as well. I'm happy to say I think I've won the lottery here, as I've been able to push this baby to 4.6 GHz without changing the default voltage, but brought it down to 4.5 GHz since my cooler can only handle the load temperature then. This is a powerful processor and won't be changing it out until the day it dies.

CPU Cooler

I chose the Corsair H60. I know AIO's get some flack, and they can be pretty noisy, but I wanted to try out liquid cooling. I have to say, I love it. It is a bit noisy though, even on CPU idle.

Edit: It's dead Jim! Yeah, the H60 leaked and would have friend my GPU if it weren't for the backplate on my new R9 Fury card. I have since swapped it out for the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3. This is a beast of a cooler, no kidding. I'm not even sure if my CPU can take full advantage of this cooler, it's just that good. Worth noting it's huge and you need quite the space to install it. And speaking of installing, it was a pain in the *** to do so, but the newer model should be easier. This cooler is amazing and quiet.


This is my second motherboard after I mistakenly bought a H chipset motherboard (which I sold to a friend). This motherboard allows for overclocking, which was a huge plus. It also goes nice with a red/black color scheme and just looks sleek. The potential of dual or even triple SLI means I'm keeping this motherboard around for a while.


I bought the HyperX Fury Black 8GB kit of RAM when I first built my PC. Just recently, I saw a vendor selling the Ares Series 16GB kit for nearly the same price as my 8GB kit and I knew I had to pick it up. Now, with 24GB of RAM loaded into this thing, I never have to worry about memory limits.


I purchased two 240GB SSD's from PNY. They are fast and get the job done, though I am experiencing some slowdowns when creating and working with folders in Windows Explorer. I'm also running out of SSD space, so, when the time comes to upgrade a part, this may be it. The Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD is a fine HDD. It gets the job done, is not too noisy, and is perfect to store extra files on, including my development stuff.


There's a saying that I've heard, if you're building a gaming PC and the GPU isn't your most expensive item, then you did something wrong. And this is no exception. The GTX 970 SC by EVGA is a jaw-dropping beast, able to run most modern games on Ultra settings without sweating at 60 fps. Sure, you got your 1080's and 480's now. But this card is by no means not an option. It's one of the best GPU's on the market. I've never noticed any hiccups concerning the 3.5GB issue on my end. I think this card will still be working wonders for me in my five year hiatus of upgrading my PC.

Edit: I have swapped my GTX 970 for a R9 Fury, which I received at a great price, giving the 970 to my girlfriend for her build. The R9 Fury is just a bit more powerful than the 970 while being much more silent. I have had this card for about a year now and love it.


The Fractal Design Define R5 case was the last piece of my build. Previously, I was using the Corsair SPEC-01, which easily dented and got scratched up. This premium case is silent, for the most part (no thanks to the H60 cooler), and has so much customization. I see a lot of potential for this case when I do upgrade in the future, and I see no reason in tossing it anytime soon. The front open panel is awesome to have as it allows me change vents in the front or work with optical drives. I love this case.

Power Supply

Yeah, I do agree, I went cheap here. But the 500W power supply was all I needed. This PC rarely uses over 400W, and that's under load. This PSU is silent and gets the job done. That's all I could ask for.

Edit: Yeah 500W wasn't going to cut it for my new graphics card. Upgraded to a semi-modular 750W PSU and gave the 500W one to my girlfriend for her PC build. No problems so far.


Both these monitors I received as gifts. Both are excellent and a great buy.

Thanks for reading. I hope this inspires you in your next $1000 gaming build.


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Hermosa evolución +1

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Muchas gracias!

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Nice Build Man. +1 from me :) Make sure to check my build

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Thanks, and nice build! Was confused about the 1080 there.

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hahah i have ordered it but havent received it yet. :)