1 year of research 7 months of saving and 5 Hours of work This is my first rig ever built, nicknamed the ITYS (I Told You So)

STORY TIME! It all started when I was a young lad (13), and I got my first laptop. A Toshiba Satellite. Now originally I just wanted a laptop to fix my internet needs, but then I got into a game known as 'Combat Arms'. Now really it was in no shape to even play the game with running at about 15-20 fps on lowest settings and having to play with the touch pad. But I adapted. And that was my introduction to pc gaming.

Skip 3 years later, after many troubles with my Toshiba, I acquire a Vaio. A giant upgrade from the Toshiba I began playing even 'more' PC games (Gathering a steam Library of 150+) At first it was nice, played the games I liked on a decent medium-high setting and did pretty well. Skip 2 years later and...the battery has died, had to replace the hard drive (and buy a new damn OS disk while I was at it),needs a laptop cooler to keep it stable, and the damn thing blue screens daily.At this point I've had enough, saw how many people built their own rigs, and though it was time to give it a go myself. So then began the point of saving, research, and planning....

THE BUILD ITSELF So far, the rig has been running for 3 days and after countless Windows updates its running at full capacity.

I think this is with any first time builder, I was nervous as hell and stupid as **** when putting the thing together. Cut myself when installing the I/O shield, mistook the risers as screws to be put into the stand-offs for about an hour, stared into the manuals more time then actually building the damn thing, and nearly having my heart drop when dropping the screwdriver in the case. (Thankfully it didn't hit the motherboard...)

Now...for the parts. A lot of this stuff were bought in combos, four to be exact. There were troubles with shipping of course. First order the shipped, and charged, me two psu's, and my mouse wasn't sent. thankfully newegg is great to work with, people deserve a damn award for customer service . Second order went without a hitch.

So far my only sad choice was the motherboard. Deciding to cheap out and get the mobo/cpu combo (and keep to the black and red scheme) didnt have any connector for the USB 3.0 on my case, and it didn't seem to line up with my expansion slots in the back for the WLAN card. But luckily im not picky and can live without 1 USB port. Originally I planned to have an SSD/HDD combo in the thing, but decided to save money, go with an SSHD, and use the savings for a 770. Totally worth it. Also my other complaint is that I wasn't smart choosing a fan. The 80mm doesn't fit anywhere in the case...


Also guys, don't ding me 'too' much on the cable management, I tried ok! ^

More organized pics can be found here:

Game test and more pics coming soon!

Update 8/14/2014 : Welp, so fare no problems oter than the front blue led going out (Probably because I pluged it into a fan port AND one of the power ports) But recently I've gained 2+ 500gb hard-drives, a dvd drive which im giving to a friend, an 18' Acer monitor, and an extra fan to stick on the side.

Games still running well, and no software problems whatsoever.

Added a new image showing the extra monitor Still working on those benchmark videos at this moment (Still learning how to use Vegas)


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Nice work here!, how is the MS sidewinder?

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Perfectly! The back lighting really helps when I'm up late.

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Good going, I know just what you mean about be nervous as hell on my first build. Thankfully I stumbled on NewEggs how-to videos and those helped a ton.

First off, how you are you liking the Hybrid drive? I had mixed feelings before I just went with a standard & going to add an SSD.

I have a Galaxy-03 from Rosewill so I know your feelings on trying to get cable management down. The only thing that I found to help myself was a modular PSU.

Again Congratulations on your first build! +1