i finally had the money. so i started at the time the 8350 wasn't out yet so the 8120 wasn't a bad choice my thoughts were it was just an under clocked 8150. i then found many positive overclocking reviews for GA-970-ud3 after using it i had to deal with a throttling problem. a bios update finally fixed it. i updated recently my original case was a apevia xtrooper ran out of room. i also used to have a EVGA 560 se witch worked well i just wanted more


  • 68 months ago
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I'm thinking of slapping that bitfenix 230mm fan on my rosewill thorv v2, does it work well, and was installation easy?

  • 63 months ago
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sorry it took so long to get back to you but yes very easy install and it looks great it was my only option other than a cooler master fan without LEDs but i am happy with it very sturdy easy to work with