This is my first build I've done. It took over one and a half years of planning. I had no money to begin with so I decided to continually build computers online (which happens to be on pcpartpicker). One day I decided to get a job. Now keep in mind I was only 13. Now let me tell you this if you are 13 years old and looking for a job GOOD LUCK. There are no organized jobs other than cutting grass or other dumb deeds. So I waited, and waited, and waited. Until I turned 14. For my Birthday I compiled about $400. Mainly because I only get money because the clothes I wear are a little on the expensive side. So now I was hooting and Hollering over this green gold. And then I thought, "OH MY ******* GOSH, I AM FOURTEEEEN." I said to myself my sister got a job when she was 14 so why couldn't I. So I decided to work where my sister used to work. Now this was a beginner job, let's just leave it at that. Well it was on an orchard which was probably the biggest waste of my life. I spent 8 weekends at that place, and do you know what I had to do? Well let me tell you what I had to do. I stood there. LIKE WTF. That's all I did, just standing there as a parking person. A little funny story by the way, on my first day I was put with this other kid who was fifteen. So we were talking and I sat down because no cars were there. Five minutes later the "BOSS" picks me up in his ATV and drives up the hill away from the kid I was talking to. Then he started scolding me. I was like WTF AM I GOING TO DO, WE HAVE 10 MINUTES LEFT AND THERE ARE NO CARS ( I didn't actually say that). After the 20 second drive he handed me gloves and a trash bag and I walked through the fields picking up after slobs. So this jobs continued and I was working with my closest cousin. We hated the job. It was garbage. Not going there this fall, who needs to work anyway. Finally I ended that job and I ended up with an additional $470. So now I was up to $870. I was excited, thrilled, all the great emotions you could have. So I searched on for ideas. Then I said to myself "Hey, Christmas is in a month just wait. So I did while making multiple builds online. The I came across a YouTube video one day by Paul's Hardware. The video was titled like $1250 pc which is what I was going to have during Christmas. So I copied it, then made minor tweaks and said this was it. So I altered it to what I have now and Christmas arrived. I built the pc 2 days after but it did not work the first time, or the second time, but the third. All the lights turned on and I was thanking my mother like she saved a baby from dying. Just to realize when I plugged the HDMI cord in it did not work. Oh but silly ole me plugged it in the wrong HDMI port. Instead of plugging it into the graphics card I plugged in the mother board and could not seem to know what went wrong. So I took it apart and said it must be the motherboard and sent it back. After that I got a new motherboard two days later and gave it to the shop to rebuild. They did and charged me $125. I had $180 and practically threw away the moneys. Then my mom stole what was left. And here I am today. With this beast by my side. And no matter the obstacles I still have it today.


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Very nice, would like to see more pictures.

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I planned to build pc using msi z170 m3, intel 6600k and corsair led 2666mhz too But i read at msi z170 m3 manual, it do not supporting 2666mhz ram Can you using the corsair ram XMP and make the freq to 2666mhz using that mother board?