Very first build, I am extremely proud to have finally it built and have it running after about a year of intensive research. My goal was AAA 1080p gaming with 1440p for the future so, for the GPU i went with AMD's Rx590 series. The CPU mobo combo i chose for maximum overclocking ability and semi-budget and have had MSI products in the past so i decided to go with the b450 Tomahawk for both cost and basics nothing too fancy but yet is very nice and clean. CPU i decided to go with the R5 2600 over the 2600x because it was on sale and, if i get around to overclocking the 2600 can easily hit 4.0 so i felt i didnt need to spend extra on the X version. Originally I was looking for a store bought cheap pre-built gaming PC simply to future proof my gaming platform, coming from my now aging PS4, but decided to build my own for same price or less. Overall cable managment wasnt too big of a problem, was a bit snug putting the back panel on but, installation was overall a breeze. Any comments are welcome! Id love for some feedback 😊 I will try my best to keep up to date and upload/edit anything new!

EDIT: 11-29-19 Aquired an AMD wraith spire cooler :) 12-28-19 Upgraded Monitor to Samsung with 144hz + Freesync

Part Reviews

Thermal Compound

Keeps cool, easy to apply, and non-conductive!


Very nice mid ATX tower! Has a nice thick non tinted tempered glass with easy to remove thumbscrews, a set of 3 RGB fans, and a small footprint for around 100$ making this a good budget idea over other cases

Operating System

Um not much to it, Its Windows and its easier to use than windows 8/7/Vista/XP (I know not very helpful sorry!)

Case Fan

Decent cheap fan to throw in to any build


Very comfortable with Claw Grip style users, adjustable DPS and aim button makes good use for any game


Excellent sound quality. Its not very heavy and nice padding on the cups and top make it comfortable to wear over long periods of time. The 7.1 surround makes it so u can very clearly tell the difference in L and R and gives u an immersion like feel

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