The Dahl, inspired by Borderlands.

The Dahl was an evolution from a previous build, IceByte. Where I upgraded a few items, i7 6700k and the EVGA 1080FE, it was fitting to get a new body for the beast. Going from an i5 6600k to the i7 6700k was a pretty large leap. Mostly noticed playing games like Arma2 DayZ Mod and Elite Dangerous while streaming on Twitch.

The case is a slightly different variation from what is available on this site. Its actually the older version, the Vanguard v8 RGB. the only difference is the front grill rather then glass. Otherwise they have the exact same layout. Airflow in this case is absolutely phenomenal. Original fans that came with the case were absolutely great. No complaints. My only selfish reason for switching to the Cooler Master Masterfan 120AF RGB's was due to the RGB Mirage effects. Something about making the fans appear slow motion spinning backwards like a jet turbine really excited me. Or creating a slow moving hanger fan kinda look, with 5 big blades slowly twirling lazily. They almost look scary, as if they are not moving at all.

The thing I enjoyed the most about this PC, was the silence it created. It was dead silent. I was used to hearing the turbulence created by my NXZT Phantom case with my H105 Radiator expelling heat out the top of the case. Better airflow with this case granted the ability to eliminate that turbulence.

Overall, I absolutely adore this build. We had some extremely great adventures playing BF4 and any other games I could throw at it. Even with most of the parts being 3+ years old, it ran a good pace. The 1080FE is fantastic. Even playing the recent releases likeBorderlands 3, Metro Exodus and BFV, optimal settings in Geforce Experience was setting the game to Ultra. I have been playing on this specific build for about 2 years now. All of my parts were scavenged from the IceByte, with the exception of fans, fan hub, and an M2.

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  • 4 months ago
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Haha! As soon as I saw Dahl, I immediately thought of Borderlands. Great build.

  • 4 months ago
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Thank you! It's bulky, and rugged, when I saw the grill on it I immediately just thought it looked like a storm drain grate.