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Black Friday Deal

by tsabalja


Hi gang,

I learned a lot from this site so I would like to share my experience and hopefully, help someone else on it's quest to build a PC. Just to make it clear, my goal was the get best ratio between quality of the build and it's price. For too cheap money you can't get to much of a quality and for too much money you are just overpaying for a small difference in performance or look. I believe that I managed to get a higher mid class desktop PC for a reasonable price.

As title says,I bought these parts during Black Friday craze and in my case, I believe that I found very good prices for the parts that I was actually looking for.

I used Newegg, Fry's and BestBuy to buy the parts and the worst experience I had was with Fry's. First of all, all the popular parts got sold out in minutes during BF second, if you been lucky enough to order what you wanted shipping date was unknown. In the end I canceled case and PSU order and I only got SSD and Gamdias poseidon set from Fry's. I had no problems with Newegg, everything got shipped and arrived in timely manor. Also, I had no problems with BestBuy.

Here are the prices that I paid for the listed parts:

CASE: Newegg $84.99 -$20 rebate =$64.99

MOBO: Newegg $129.99 -$30 rebate =$99.99

CPU: Newegg $300.98 -$20 Groupon -$70 Price protection =$210.98

Cooling: Newegg $39.99

PSU: Newegg $69.99 -$25 rebate =$44.99

RAM: Newegg $142.99

GPU: Newegg $269.99 = -$20 Groupon -$25 MasterPass Promo -$20 rebate =$204.99

PSU: Newegg $69.99 - $25 rebate = $44.99

SSD: Fry's $78

HDD: Newegg $54.99

FANS: BestBuy $42.53

E. DVD: Newegg $19.99 -$10 rebate = $9.99

Screen: BestBuy $159.51

Headset: Fry's $34.99

TOTAL: $1233.92

Assembling the parts was really easy. I didn't have any problems, case is big enough, some cables are a bit short, I mean, just long enough to connect the parts. The most frustrating part was ordering part by part, especially dealing with Fry's. My orders weren't going anywhere and I couldn't reach customer service either via phone or email. Very frustrating.

I returned only one part, cooler fan, to Newegg without any problems. While the fan was on it's way to me, water cooling went on sale so I changed my mind.

CPU was kind a pain to get for this price, at that time, nobody was selling it and when Newegg got it in stock it was pricey, however, I pulled the trigger and ordered it. Luckily, few weeks later I noticed it to be sold by Microcenter for $229.99 to walk-ins only. I used my CC priced protection and I received $70 check after approx. 2 months. I noticed that nobody talks about price protection on this forum, not sure why because it enables to get price difference between a good seller like Newegg and Microcenter that doesn't have it's store in my vicinity. If anyone would like more info on it, send me a PM.

Gamdias Poseidon set, headphones are surprisingly good, Keyboard is nice but a bit loud. Mouse wasn't working properly when arrived and I send it back to Gamdias, they fixed it, and now it's fine. The whole set for $35, it's a steal.

And last, I noticed that some people are interested how the GEiL RAM is glowing if it's not connected to ASUS mobo (it's Aura sync), well, it just randomly glows, which I don't have problems with since I adjusted MOBO to randomly glow too so it's like a circus inside the casing =).

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bobbybob645 2 points 12 months ago

What kind of toaster did you use to take the pictures with?

jk, but seriously, the images are quite blurry.

tsabalja submitter 1 Build 2 points 12 months ago

hahahaha, I know, you're right! I wanted to take new pics but that would include a major clean up of my desk, ahhahah. I'll take new pics and re-upload.... BTW, it is Asus zenfone 2, for some reason pics are very blurry on it lately, I didn't investigated why.