After moving for college my old midi tower system took too much space for the new apartment, so I've just been using my Ultrabook for the last 1.5 years. The old build, i5 750 / GTX275 gathered dust in my parents house, being used very rarely when I visited. Now, after moving again, I decided to build myself a new gaming PC; I grew tired of my roommates PS3 and the small screen of my laptop wasn't enough for CAD.

The new build would have to be everything the old one, and my laptop were not: Small, quiet and immensely powerful, along with a big screen.

About the parts:

Case: Fell in love with this beauty. It's everything I need and looks phenomenal. Every other part had to fit this one.

CPU: Intel only makes sense in a 2000$ build, and I didn't need overclocking anyway. Also, i5 750 to i5 4570 seems nice.

GPU: Every AMD GPU would burn itself to death in this case, as would every Nvidia GPU with an axial cooler. I wanted 1440p, I needed the Titan cooler, and I got an amazing deal on Amazon Warehouse, so the GTX780 was a good choice.

Mainboard: Solid ITX board, I like Gigabyte. Had to have Wifi, no cabling in my apartment. 802.11 AC is a nice touch, even though I can't use it as of now.

RAM, SSD & HDD: Rock solid components for good prices, nothing special.

Cooler and PSU: Pretty much my only choices with this case. The stock cooler sucks and I like Corsairs warranty, The only other SFX PSU with that power is the same one in modular, but that one is expensive and loud.

Screen: Never used 1440p before, but OH MY GOD is it fantastic! Never going back again!

Conclusion: My second self built, after a five year hiatus, is everything my first one should have been, had it been possible back then. I'm incredibly happy with the results, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Edit: I actually changed the position of HDD and SSD after uploading the pics. The HDD now sits under the mainboard, the SSD is velcroed behind the DVD player, which enabled me to mount the H60s fan, further dropping load temps by about 7°C. I'm also now considering dropping the CLC completely, as the pump noise at Idle annoys me incredibly. Might updated in the future, right now I tend to getting a Thermalright AXP-100/-200.

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