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by thecomgeek


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Date Published

July 12, 2018

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

36.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

72.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

27.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

80.0° C


Oh boy........ where to start with this Jerry rigged beast. For those of you wondering if the damned thing works, I'M TYPING THIS DESCRIPTION ON IT!!!!!! (takes deep breath to avoid the rage). So I got this wild hair up my *** to build a gaming PC, and as i had $600 at the time along with all of the other peripherals in my possession, I took to Ebay to track down a used PC as i didn't want to build one from scratch, and after 5 minutes of searching i came across one of the best deals I have ever seen in my life (drum-roll please.......). A Dell Optiplex 990 with an Intel Core I7 2600, for the astonishing price of $169 including shipping. so i pulled the trigger. then I took to Amazon to get the rest. Unfortunately if I were to have bought the ram with everything else, i would have been $30 over budget, so it used 4gb of ram for a couple of days (luckily I knew a thing or two about how to get around that problem without spending money) And the wolf in sheep's clothing gaming PC was born and it has been doing fantastic. I ended up spending $570 on the computer and it's comparable to some $1000 gaming PC's

Pardon the:

-ram being in adjacent slots, the first two dimm slots died

-the lack of photos, and low quality of said photos

-the spaghetti monster (although improved in the second photo)

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LeMMingSlayeR 17 Builds 2 points 4 days ago

I love it. Definitely a sleeper. +1

thecomgeek submitter 1 Build 2 points 4 days ago

Amazingly that wasn't my intent for the build (although a great feature), i just wanted a gaming computer that was comparable to a lot of $1000 gaming pc's, and it performs.

LeMMingSlayeR 17 Builds 1 point 3 days ago

I've seen a lot of these Sandy Bridge prebuilds for sale lately in the $200-300 range, and considering how well those older i7s still perform I can see the appeal for sure. I would definitely consider it for a budget gaming setup!

thecomgeek submitter 1 Build 1 point 3 days ago

My only gripe is that the system runs a little hot, but that's what i get for getting a used graphics card that was mined on

LeMMingSlayeR 17 Builds 1 point 3 days ago

I think your temps are more related to case airflow than anything else. Something like this would help your component temps immensely. That Dell case has very poor airflow, and no intake fans to pull in fresh cool air for that graphics card to breathe.

thecomgeek submitter 1 Build 1 point 2 days ago

I'm thinking of modding a case fan into the front, shouldn't be too hard (famous last words), now that y'all have called it a sleeper, i don't want to get rid of this case

Creampuff 1 point 4 days ago

How's the keyboard? Does it compare to Cherry type switches?

thecomgeek submitter 1 Build 2 points 4 days ago

It's fantastic, it is like a combo between reds and browns

Mrpcdude 1 point 4 days ago

I think I'm gonna do the same as you. My classmate is getting a 1000 dollar pre-built but I'm broke so I want to have a better PC than him. How well does it run Fortnite???

thecomgeek submitter 1 Build 2 points 4 days ago

It runs it at a locked 60 fps with the radeon frame limiter. along with every other game ive thrown at it

Mrpcdude 1 point 4 days ago

Nice really sounds like a good build. Could I swap a 1060 6gb in it though. I'm torn between a new more expensive PC and an older high performing PC.

thecomgeek submitter 1 Build 2 points 4 days ago

As long as the psu can take it, go for the 1060. any graphics card will work in it, just research the system before buying and make sure it supports uefi. as most radeon cards will not work in legacy, and some geforce cards as well

thecomgeek submitter 1 Build 2 points 4 days ago

BUT. when getting a psu, if you go for the same computer as i did, the psu cannot be longer than 140mm

Mrpcdude 1 point 4 days ago

Ok very helpful to know that I would get like 5 PSUs before I figured that out.

Mrpcdude 1 point 4 days ago

Ok just a question, what is uefi specifically.

thecomgeek submitter 1 Build 1 point 3 days ago

its a new bios standard. its been around for a while, so any system you find with a 2nd gen or up processor in it or that was running windows 8 or 10 has a good chance of having it

Mrpcdude 1 point 4 days ago

I just want a PC that will last me a while.

Digital_Ronin 5 Builds 1 point 2 days ago

To avoid having an issue with the gpu being too large, you can also do very similar to what this gentleman did except rip the guts out of the pre built and buy yourself a budget case with more more room inside and swap the components over to the new case. Or instead you can take some tin snips to the pre builts case and make some more room that way lol. Just a few suggestions. Edit- also can be easier to upgrade the psu with a new case as well

Mrpcdude 1 point 2 days ago

Ok thank you for all the help. Just realized I have so much stuff I can sell lol. Might be getting a real nice pc now.

elvarg9685 1 Build 1 point 3 days ago

is the tower on a dog crate? and I loved those under bunkbed set ups!

thecomgeek submitter 1 Build 2 points 3 days ago

Its on some questionably stable wire shelves, and the under the bunk bed setup is working out really well, only given myself a concussion once ;)

elvarg9685 1 Build 2 points 2 days ago


thecomgeek submitter 1 Build 1 point 2 days ago

One really nice thing about having a mattress above me, is that the sound coming from the audio system isn't echoey

[comment deleted]