Hi guys i was gonna post primarily to show the Metallic Gear Neo Air and im the first person to ever upload a post with this case and the case as of right now is 71 dollars in total on newegg

Parts With the Price Ryzen 5 1600 And Asus B450f motherboard got it for $128 shipped on

Gpu Is a RX580 8Gb got it for 108.55 on

Psu was 60 dollars on mercari brand new

cruciual ballistix ram got it for 58 bucks new on ebay

the m.2 i got it used on mercari for 50 dollars but im currently waiting for the m.2 standoff to install the drive

LTT Edition Noctua NHD15 cooler

the HDD was 20 dollars new on mercari Total Price:602.54$ And yeah thanks for checking my post out and sorry for the crappy photos i got this point to building my own pc by reselling pc parts on mercari and hey i mad it with a broken ankle.....sadly and happily at the same time ............i wonder if you noticed that i replaced the metallic gear logo and put in the noctua one

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  • 4 months ago
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Add it to the list and yours will be the first build on the site using it =)