It was time I finally moved back up to a desktop system, my 2006 VelocityMicro E6600/8800 had died a year and half go and had been reduced to gaming on a Laptop (HD3000). I decided to build a low end system since I now live on a reduced income/limited budget and don’t really care if I can play games at the max settings or online. I generally play old-school single player/FPS/Action/Adventure games and am now faced with the task of moving my 310+ GBs of games over to it. My last build was 12 years ago and to my surprise it booted the 1st time (with Hiren's Boot CD), luckily I haven’t any had problems yet. I got most of the parts from Newegg, a couple at Microcenter, GPU at OutletPC and the KB from Staples. So here is my build and why –

CPU: I don’t plan on doing any over-clocking and performance wise it is close to the 4670 for a cheaper but solid build.

CPU Cooler: Summers get hot here and I originally had planned using the HD4600 graphics for a while. My laptop gets pretty hot (up to 90 C) when playing certain game even with a cooling pad and an external fan plus I’ve experienced over-heating issues on some of my previous systems.

Motherboard: As I see it you don’t upgrade your MB like you can most other parts and I may have over spent on this but wanted the best H87 MB. I originally had planned on the Plus version but this came along at a lower price.

Memory: This was no brainer – got it with a $10 discount with my CPU purchase at Microcenter!

Storage: What can I say - every computer needs storage so it got a cheap HD. The SSD will come later…

Video Card: Ok, I know I could have got a R7 260X/265 for the same price but I happen to like Nvidia and the GTX 660 cost a little more. I would have got the cheaper EVGA card but needed 2 DVI ports for my LCDs which don’t have HDMI inputs. I wanted something that would run fairly cool and can always upgrade when the funds are available.

Case: This was my 1st mATX build and has all the front panel features I need plus it was on sale at a good price. I will say the space is limited and the cabling posed a little challenge (3 tries) and still may block some air of the front fan but I am happy with it.

Power Supply: This PS provides more than enough power and connectors with some room to upgrade parts in the future. My only regret is I should have got a modular version to allow better cable routing in this small case but it was a lot cheaper.

Optical Drive: I was a little disappointed in this drive, not for its lacks any feature but is rather how noisy it is but I need it to support my collection of CD’s (Games, ISO’s, Archived info).

Operating System: I know some of you will say I should have got the latest Windows but I always like to wait sometime after an OS release before I jump into the next version. I’ll move up to Win 8.1 when I get around to getting a SSD.

Keyboard: This was a late addition to my completed build as I already had a MS mouse and a Creative KB from my last system. I don’t know if I would consider an upgrade but like the idea of having wireless connection as my system will sit a few feet away from my monitor when I complete my setup and it was on sale.

Total: $798.33 (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.) Estimated Wattage: 243W


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Who in the world designed the placement of the power connector on that video card. Like honestly.

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Great little budget gamer build. With mostly all very high quality parts (cough psu not gold+).

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just a little question....

why did you get a 212 evo when you have a non overclockable CPU?

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I originally had planned on using the integrated graphics for a while & had heard the Haswell pocessors run a little hot. My laptop would often run 90 C with its HD3000 graphics with a max operating temp. of 100 C while the 4570's max is only 72 C. I realize the my chassis doesn't restrict the air flow as much as the Laptop but wanted to make sure would run cool. I ended up buying the GPU about a month after the other parts.