This is my PC that I have used daily for the past year and a half. I've done a good number of upgrades that have made it truly excellent for me. The upgrades are listed below. I am aware this is quite a hodge-podge, and better systems can be built for a lower cost.

In Dec '15 I got a Seagate 1.5TB drive from a friend's old PC. It has been named "Ryan's Drive" in his honor.

In Jan '16 I added a Hyper 212 EVO I got from a friend, as the stock fan was noisy on startup. A minor complaint, really, but it is a nicer cooler.

In Mar '16 I bought a second stick of Team Elite 8GB DDR3-1600 RAM. Prices have gone up, so I had to snag it when it was $25.

In May '16 I bought a 4-pack of cheap 120mm Cooler Master fans for the front of my case. Not great fans by any means, but they're good enough!

In Jun '16 I upgraded my PSU, and placed the old one in a PC I built for my friend Ron.

In Nov '16, I upgraded to a GTX 1060. My 750Ti is awaiting a new home, maybe in my parents' PC.

Also, if you're wondering from the picture, cable management isn't too important to me. As long as cables aren't touching fans, everything is fine, as my case isn't windowed.

Part Reviews

Video Card

Got it for $210 from Jet. Handles everything at 1360x768 (regular TV/monitor), 1080p, and even a little at lower settings at 4K. Very happy with this card!


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Dope build Dude keep up good work

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For my original PC build from June 2015: I forgot to take pictures, but it has some more information.

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