After many years of umming and aahing, I finally bit the bullet and build my very first (from scratch) gaming PC. I was limited to $1500 (although overspent slightly with a nice monitor) and wanted to design something that had ultra clean lines with excellent cable management as I like the minimalist approach.

I browsed part picker builds and found the "Obsidian" by efuerstenberg which met most , if not all of my needs.

I perused his pcpartpickers list and felt happy to purchase some of them and adding others from I already had a Samsung 850 Evo-series 250GB SSD which held my Win10 OS and was going to continue using that as the master Boot drive.

I upgraded the RAM for faster Ripjaws and got a larger EVGA 750W PSU. My thinking was in a couple of years to upgrade to the i7 and adding more RAM and maybe a GTX 1070 in SLI without having to upgrade the PSU. The case is large enough to add many more components and looks great to boot.

The build of 5 hours went well and I used many resources to ensure that I put it together correctly with only a few questions at the end, which I shall express at the end.

Once completed I prepared to boot up and , whoot. First time , boot up and now spending hours getting everything exactly as I want it.

However some points:

  1. Cooler on top (attached to CPU) is sucking in air past radiator as per cooler instructions, but NZXT H440 instructions show air flow should come from inside to outside. Which is correct?

  2. GTX 1070 does not show any fan RPM in monitoring software, why is this? (is this because it only registers when GPU get shot and fan speeds up to 60%+).

  3. The NZXT H440 rear has a unique PWM mobo that powers all the system fans that draws it power from a molex connector. Another connector attaches to the main Mobo ( i have mine to CPU2 (a PWM connection)) but have no sys fan RPM readings in any monitor software? any ideas why not?

  4. There is also, what seems like to me to be a spare extension cable ( labeled as such) on the rear pwm mobo. I am not using this currently. Should it be connected to something?

After edit,

  1. I have purchased a Molex to 2XSATA connector for the front SSDs to clean up that area. for $6.50 - Phobya Y-Cable, 4-Pin Molex to 2x SATA Power, 15cm, Sleeved, Black

  1. I will be able to remove a PSU SATA cable too freeing up more space.

  2. All the cabling in the rear will be rerouted, tidied and secured correctly (not like the mess it is in the photo).

Other than that, all the fans work, I can hear and see them spinning, but you know that niggling feeling that something isn't quite right.

Can't have that......

Edit 10/19/2016 Y cable splitter arrived and was installed immediately. What a difference it makes to the cleanliness inside the case. I even tidied and rerouted a couple more cables in there. Check out the Old and new photos of the Sata drives and cable management for them.


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You might have a good reason.. BUT, normally the TOP Fans are pushing Air OUT as an Exhaust instead of pulling air IN..

Saw in your post that you did this by Follow Directions.. I'm sure it can be done either way and Temps will probably be within 2 degrees or so with either method..

Very nice Build !!

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You've got the answer to your 1070's fan rpms there. Im pretty sure almost every AIB card these days has a feature like that. Nice clean build, (No black and red!) so +1

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I also want to swap out the PSU to sata cables for a mobex to 2 x SATA cable (black) that will clean up the cabling to the 2 x SSDs in the front. Currently there is an empty SATA connection blowing in the wind and I hate that. It also ruins the clean lines of the build.

Finally, really sort out and reroute all that cabling in the rear, sometimes being out of sight does not mean out of mind.

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Update: 03/01/2018 So I have been using this rig for 16 months now and it still purrs along with no issues whatsoever. I have had to clean the dust filters regularly as we have 5 dogs in the house and it picks up a lot more dust and airborne fur and particles but the temps have never been extreme even when playing Star Citizen on full everything at 2K resolutions. I am extremely happy with this setup and am waiting for the ram prices to drop before adding another 16 Gb and another monitor (currently have 2 x 2k ASUS IPS monitors attached). I can play all of my games on ultra still and work this beast like there's no tomorrow. Oh I forgot, I have even OC the CPU using the MSI OC genie and upped the ram spped and the GTX 1070, with absolutely no issues.