Mini ITX upgrade from my old I7 4790k Build Old PC. I decided to go a mini ITX build because i was sick of my Phanteks case which was far to big and heavy, to a nice small, compact NZXT H210I. Everything is new except for the 1070, Power Supply and Corsair SSD.

I9 9900KF. Big Upgrade from my I7 4790K. Everything runs smooth now, no freezes for lag. Overclocked to 5GHZ on all cores

NZXT Kraken X52 Can't say anything bad about it, Looks amazing, Keeps the CPU very cool for a CPU i heard gets really hot, Fits the right way with the mini ITX mother board but I think that is more because i made sure the ram wasn't to tall. It was very easy to install.

G Skill Trident Z RBG 16 GB I Picked this ram because it looks great and because a lot of other Mini ITX builds with the X52 had this ram and the x52 fits the correct way with it. Clicked the xmp button in the bios and it runs at 3600 no problem.

**Samsung 970 EVO 500GB Boots super fast, runs at the advertised speed. Well worth it over a regular SSD.

MSI GTX 1070 Works fine in 2019 no need to upgrade until the 3000 series GPUS.

NZXT H210I This little bugger was a pain to deal, first of all the glass panel and the front panel do not come off easy you have to use lots strength to pull them off. 2nd if you are planning to buy one don't be like me and use your old full size PSU, buy a SFX one, there is very little room for your cables with a full size one. Cable management was a struggle for a amateur PC builder like myself. Another little problem that isn't that bad is the Radiator will have to be removed in order for me to get the GPU out. Other then that it looks great, comes with 2 fans, a Hue 2 and a built in LED strip. Plus it looks great. I Needed a NZXT USB Hub because the motherboard only have 1 USB 2.0 header, I had to force the hub into where all the power cables are, there was no room anywhere else for it.

Temperatures CPU runs nice and cool, i don't think it will get over 70c with the current overclock on it. The GPU runs about 10c hotter then it did in my old case, reaching about 68c after 30 minutes using heaven benchmark at 100% fan speed.


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  • 1 month ago
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Looks nice! How has cooling been for you cpu and gpu? Where did you get the reflective cover for your cooler?

  • 29 days ago
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Good job on the build, looks great!! I saw a video on youtube where the kraken aio cpu mount was hitting the ram modules, do you also have this problem? He also has the same mobo and aio as you.. Thanks in advance for the info man! Cheers