Here is one of my very own first builds that I recently put together. The PC will replace my old Windows XP SP1 machine from the early 2000's. :)

Of course, the system will be primarily used for casual gaming, and for optimum access to my remote desktop at college. (work purposes).

Surprisingly, the PSU is just right for this system, with still another PCI-E port spare. In total, it only draws 420watts of power, and is efficiently managed due to the 80+ bronze rating.

I have built PC's in college, so all in all, this was fairly straight forward, the only part that required referencing the manual was to do with the front I/O, and how to apply the god forsaken AM3+ heat sink solution. (which was a pain).

In the near future I hope to include a better HSF, two more sticks of Kingston RAM, and MAYBE another R9 270X. But for now, this PC is super fast, efficient, and great overall.

Thank you for taking the time to view my PC build, parts listed below, definitely bang for buck... ;)

TIP: Visit Currys for SSD's, I managed to grab an amazing bargain of the SSD listed below, the 840 by samsung, super fast, grab 'em whilst you can!


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Great build for the price! Although I'd recommend another PSU, because although Corsair makes good ones, 500W is pretty close to your estimated wattage, and if you do start to overclock, it'll go dangerously close and maybe even go over that. Also, maybe some cable management, although it's not too bad, just to make it look neater? Again, though, great job. Have some fun times with your new machine!

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