New build to replace my Core 2 Quad system from 2008. It's primarily going to be used for gaming.

The case was really easy to work with. I'd have to say the biggest pain during the process was getting the CM 212 EVO set up. Cable management was easy (I fixed it up a bit before putting on the side). The Asus BIOS is pretty straight forward and auto OC'd my CPU to 4.1GHz with one click. I plan to try and OC the 3570K to 4.5GHz. I probably should have bought a higher end video card, but I read the 7850 had great OC capability. With a 33% gain on the GPU core clock, I'd have to say it does :)

I bought the motherboard from Amazon Warehouse in "Like-New" condition. The box had some minor wear and tear, but it was sealed so I'm guessing it must have fallen off of a shelf or something. Sadly, the CPU socket had some bent pins that needed to be taken care of.

The processor was on sale from Newegg for $194.99 and I had $100 in gift cards.

The rest of the parts I tried to wait until I found a good online deal to buy.


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