First system build in about 20 years. Decided to put together a system to handle all the needs around the house. My son (11yo) is a member of a robotics team and needed something that could handle AutoCAD. Made sure the specs could also do some 1080p gaming is necessary. All the parts went together nicely. Do with the case had a few more options for better cable management as space is tight on the back side of the case. Runs quietly until the GPU gets under load and then the FatBoy lets you know it's there. Probably need to tweak the fan curves a bit. Also, the 970 Evo is FAST! Power on to desktop is under 6 seconds. Seagate 2TB drive is taken out of my old HP system, the monitor was a black Friday special from Amazon.

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  • 2 months ago
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its a nice build! very sensible and will do just fine playing anything you want it to. I personally think that the power supply is a bit overkill. but im nitpicking about that. This will be a reliable computer for a long time!

  • 2 months ago
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Thanks! Yeah, I know the power supply is overkill, but it seemed to be the highest rated fully modular in that price range and efficiently class.

Once the holidays are over, I plan on writing some individual component reviews, better pictures, and maybe some benchmark results.