Hello people of PCpartpicker,

 This is my first ever PC build. Growing up as a console gamer I never saw much of a need for computers, but until recently I've opened up my eyes to the joys of PC building and PC gaming.

I'll try to make this quick!

Basically when searching the web for ideas on my first PC build I was originally going to go with a system that would be almost too powerful for my needs. I didn't want to be a cheap-o about something that I would have for many years to come. But, in the end I really didn't want to spend anything over $500 for my first (experiment) build.

Overall, I had a great time putting this PC together and I feel like it will eventually become an addiction to build PC's. I would recommend this build to anyone on a budget who wants to play games without breaking the bank.

I can confirm that with my RAM set to 2133Mhz, the graphics are pretty impressive for the price. Most games I have tried will play flawlessly, with good FPS and no stutters. I'm still amazed at how much this computer can do for how cheap it was.

Most games work great at medium-low settings set at 720p. Anything over that you might start to see some slowdown, but for someone who grew up playing consoles, this blows all my previous consoles out of the water.

This build is made with all NEW parts and with a good budget in mind.

For any questions such as performance or other suggestions please feel free to ask away.

So here it is, this is my budget gaming PC that will leave you plenty of money in your wallet to buy games.

Part Reviews


First off, this is a mighty fine little processor/GPU combo. When it comes to gaming, its a no-brainer to get a quad core CPU. But, this little chip is much more than just a simple CPU. This one comes equipped with a decently powerful, integrated Radeon R7 GPU. Normally the integrated graphics included with most CPU's are basic and weak but with the right combination of fast RAM this thing is a beast.


There's not really a whole lot to say about this motherboard honestly. It has 4 on-board usb's, and 2 headers for all of my inputs. Other than that, its your standard motherboard without any special features on it.


Ram is ram right? For this build, I wanted something cheap and reliable. PNY is not a very common brand but I've used a lot of their flash drives before and never had any problems so I trust this brand. Also, this computer would not be near as functional if I hadn't have gotten the 2133MHz high-speed dual-channel memory.


What an investment this baby was. I had no idea that SSD's even existed until I started researching my build, but man, is this thing fast. I wasn't sure if A-Data was a very reliable brand or not, but for $37 and this being a budget build, I saw no problems. This storage device made a great improvement on load times.


This is about as standard as it gets with hard-drives. If you don't have at least a 1 TB HDD then somethings wrong, because these are almost as cheap as 500GB drives. Once again, a no-brainer.


I wanted something stylish but also cheap. This is a black mid tower case with blue lights coming out the front fan. Very nice looking and sleek with its see-through side panel. Very easy to work in, only complaint was with the orientation of my PSU, I would have liked it to be able to flip it upside down for better fan flow, but would not line up with the screws right. Overall, a very nice case.

Power Supply

Just your standard 80+ 430W PSU. I could have gotten a modular and more energy efficient one but I was pretty firm on my budget price, and it does the job without any problems so far.


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Good job in selecting the right parts for the build. +1

ps. If you have weak camera for taking pics then do try to take em in some light streaming in the room so they are not too dark.

You can also use free software like to brightn up the pics

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Thank You! I'm sure I could have made the quality of the pictures and the lighting much better. Honestly, I was trying not to show some of the dust that was stuck in the top vent lol

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Hi there! This PC looks perfect to me at $290. That's why it worries me... It's like too good to be true. Might I ask what kinds of games do you play with this and at what FPS?

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It seems unbelievable, I know. When browsing through other peoples builds, I noticed that they were spending anywhere from $500-$1000 or more. I thought that the prices they paid for gaming PC's were ridiculous. I then thought to myself, "Do I need to spend that much for a good PC or will something basic handle playing my games?".

After looking through some other budget builds online the APU setup seemed right up my alley. I also wanted to see what kind of hardware the newer generation of consoles were pushing. To my surprise they used a very similar setup to this budget build. Only big difference was that the newer consoles use GDDR5 memory which gives slightly better graphics performance.

I've tried out dozens of games to test this bad boy out. I'll give a few examples. These are also on Medium settings with 720p.

-Borderlands The Pre-Sequel- 40-60fps

-Mortal Kombat X- 42fps I've read that this game has optimization issues though.

-Layers of Fear- 46-55fps

-Devil May Cry 4 SE- 42-60fps

-One Piece Pirate Warriors 3- 42-60fps

-Shadow Warrior- 42-55 fps

Every game I've played so far has been buttery smooth. No noticeable frame stutters or anything. Like I said, I was originally going to get a much better and more expensive PC, but I took the gamble on this machine instead. I'm very glad I did. If you just want to play some games without spending a whole bunch of money, I can easily recommend this as someones first build. It will also allow you to add a GTX 750 or something similar down the road for $100 more.

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Thank you for the response. I'll definitely keep this build in mind! :)

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Can you play triple A games on it?

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Definitely. Of course you might have to tweak the video settings on some of the more intense games. I've been playing all sorts of games from AAA titles to Indie's and honestly the lower graphic settings aren't that bad at all, and it will make the gameplay super smooth.

I have yet to find a game that I can't run.

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Can you give me some title of aaa games that you run in the settings and your fps if it's not to much to ask

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But can It run Crysis?

(here I am 2 years late asking a question like this.)

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Wow, that is a very nice white and gold case.

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