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Project: Mith

by Luigiox


Evening PCPP community!

This is my second build, but this time was for a friend/client.

PC will be "used" for Photoshop and gaming, but I'm about 99% sure mostly for gaming. Been bugging him about building but he always had the "I got no money" excuse but would keep spending cash on his consoles until his MacBook died and his money was refunded so BAM I jumped in and we got this nice build!

i7-6700k: We chose this CPU because he "needed" the extra performance for apps and stuff, besides prices where not so bad for Black Friday. He won't be doing any overclocking any time soon, hopefully never but no, it was not a waste going for this one instead of the locked version because of a "$20".

TT Riing 12 Pro: This is a funny tale...quite sad for me tho... This was meant to be inside my build and not his, he was going to use my Cryorig H7 BUUUUUT I wasn't able to remove the freaking spacers from my Cryorig backplate without damaging my motherboard (PROPER nippers are on the way as I type this but will go with an H100i V2). This cooler is a lil bigger than expected, again was for my build with my TT Riings but it's doing the job and it matched very well. Installation was a breeze, had to apply thermal paste twice because my screwdriver rolled out of reach and the cooler pulled a wheelie on me....yup.

Asus z170 Pro Gaming: As for sale it was alright for the price, I wanted a Hero for this build, but the rightful owner wasn't going to OC so we went for something cheaper than a $200 board. Little I knew it had red LEDs and they would "breath"!

Avexir: Ran into these for $65 and had some naughty thoughts..."if he don't want them I can trade my G.Skill"...never happened since in the end I liked how it looked and he wants to upgrade later on to 32GB.

Sandisk SSD: Does the job, works, is about full by now since the HDD cam DOA.

WD HDD: ^ Read above ^

Asus RX 480 8GB: If it was for the owner we would have a 1080 listed here BUUUUT budget happened. So he wanted 2 of these babies...YUP they are HUUUUUUGE, they work nicely, highest temp was 78C I belive (top card) and not sure what he was doing besides playing ARK with outdated drivers. PS: I think the board identified these girls and they lit up RED from start! (lies, they turn on with kinda white and then go RED). Oh, they breath like the Avexir and board do! Did I mention they are huge? Owner had 2 choices for the case... But hey read down below.

Case: In the end(8) I liked more the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Acrylic so he ended with my NZXT s340 Black/Red. (Yes I'm very selfish but I payed for it). I was familiar with the s340, fitted everything, had a lil trouble with a standoff tho (my MSI z170 M7 doesn't use 2 of the regular standoffs) so had to install them after was about screwing the last one... The nice red plate covering the cables...yes that thing had to be um...pushed? modified? Not sure what to call it...unscrewed the screws and made some force so the PCI latch would lock and in the end(8) it worked!

PSU: I've used EVGA before (lol only once!) but their warranty is amazing and yes it is EVGA. The 750w versions where on and off from sellers like Amazon and Newegg so I had to do a fair amount of camping to actually score one that would ship to Puerto Rico. For $20 more would of gotten the new version G3 BUUUUT yeah budget. Semi modular to help with the cable mess, I did really like the none "braided" cables on this one, made it easier to deal with the cable management.

Windows 10: I like it so far, I know he will because he no other choice :P .

Monitor: This AOC was going for $200 on Black Friday, sooo....we ordered 2!!! (Sorry just kicked my new lil dog by mistake) It is Freesync and I for instance kinda like 1080p over 2k, besides prices. It IS TOO FREAKING BRIGHT!!! Mine at the moment is at 1 and it is bright!!! IT is awesome tho.

Headphones: These are nice, sound is great, mic is nice, features are awesome. Volume control on the right ear, mic on the left, if you lift the mic it mutes, down it enables, cable is fairly long, can be used with anything. I have big ears and having headphones for hours (yay for gaming) make me want to toss them across the room but these guys are nice! Like my ear fits inside the cushions. I would recommend them.

Well guys and gals, I'm done for now. (Lies, after this I will do a remake of my first build).

THANKS FOR READING. (But only if you did. :P)

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Razorwing02 1 Build 2 points 24 months ago

Definitely a super cool build. Being a 480 owner I appreciate the foray into Crossfire. HOWEVER, I have heard many people say that if you don't already have a 480 it is usually both cheaper and less glitchy to get a single 1070. Unless he needed 16GB of VRAM, it would have been smarter to go with a FTW 1070 or something similar, unless he plays a bunch of DX12 or Vulkan games.

But enough ranting. +1. Because


Luigiox submitter 3 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

Thanks! As for performance he says he's getting better FPS than other people playing ARK on YouTube. Not sure how that goes tho. I myself run a crossfire and it works fine on supported games.

Razorwing02 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

Sounds cool. Thinking about purchasing another 480 myself, since there are only minor issues with Crossfire in Overwatch (basically the only game I play)

Evil_Paroxysm 5 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

HOWEVER, I have heard many people say that if you don't already have a 480 it is usually both cheaper and less glitchy to get a single 1070. Unless he needed 16GB of VRAM

It is 95% of the time better to go with a single GPU solution. Unless the game(s) you play cannot achieve the frame rates your monitor supports in its resolution without sli/crossfire and the game(s) supports crossfire. Some games perform very slightly worse with sli/crossfire.

Sli/crossfire does not double your VRAM, it will remain whatever one of the cards is. It is basically only using the extra cores from the second GPU.

Razorwing02 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

Whoops my bad. Amateur with multi-GPU stuff.

Evil_Paroxysm 5 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

All good. I feel like sli'ing would be far more popular if it utilized that extra VRAM. then when it increases every year you can upgrade minimally by buying a second "old" chip you already own.

Luigiox submitter 3 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

I wanted to SLI my old 980 Ti but gawd back then the prices xD. My crossfire looks sexy, pretty much got a 480 for free.

Razorwing02 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

Ha. If that was how it worked I could have 8 gigs of VRAM in a XFire config. (yes I'm cheap and bought the 4 gig)

MiguelXx3D 1 point 22 months ago


[comment deleted]
Lividxphos 1 Build 2 points 18 months ago

i saw your amazon review of the cooler!

overkillscs 1 point 24 months ago

+1 for the pupper

Luigiox submitter 3 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

That's my assistant!

Synisterr 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

Great build! +1. I don't know what it is but I just love red builds so much, red build = best build ;) Hopefully your mate is happy :D

Luigiox submitter 3 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

Those are my colors! Thanks!

RedRageTNT 4 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

Only 99% sure its for gaming at 2 Rx 480s. +1

Hmmm..... me thinks with 2 Rx 480 is definitely 100% for gaming but we all love to add something else like productivity.

evangs1 1 point 24 months ago

How do the two 480s perform vs the 1070 or 1080?

goldenappleguy 1 point 24 months ago

Depending on the API (OpenGL vs. Vulcan)/(DX11 vs. DX12) and Crossfire implementation in games, it almost always fares better than the 1070 and more often than not beats the 1080.

FireRest 1 point 24 months ago

Although it's faster than the 1070, some/most games don't support Crossfire, plus if you like power drainers go on ahead

BEEFJERKEY 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

two rx 480s out preform a single 1080 in like firestrike benchmarks and stuff but i would still have gone with only one 1080 because not all games support dual gpus and only use one so its kind of hit or miss with a dual setup

vagabond139 5 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

They trade blows with the GTX 1070, the GTX 1080 would definitely be the better choice in most cases.

Andzx02 7 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

Beautiful build, a lot of similar components to what i'm putting together now.+1 , a single 1080 would probably be the same cost as 2x 480's.

mobzkiller789pt 1 point 24 months ago

Nice Build +1

Luigiox submitter 3 Builds 1 point 24 months ago


assortednoise 1 point 24 months ago

Do you have a photo that shows the whole case? There's a few at the end but they still don't show how it looks put together.

Luigiox submitter 3 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

I'll add tomorrow, the cooler is like a mm away from the window if it's not slightly touching it.

Blacksm1le 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

Beautiful machine :-)

Luigiox submitter 3 Builds 1 point 24 months ago


PuppyzekeXP 1 point 24 months ago

Nice build. Real fan of how many pics you took. Felt like I was there when you built it.

Luigiox submitter 3 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

Thank! I like to document everything I do, mostly because in my first build I got hooked up and forgot to take more pics xD

intel2012 4 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

+1 for the CompTIA A+ book, is your friend studying for it?

Luigiox submitter 3 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

Haha good job! I'm the one studying for it. Ordering the voucher on January.

Mariomash 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

pictures good one +1 right here

Flamearky 1 point 24 months ago

sex inside a case. noice. +1.

joseph.jackson.mark@gmail.com 1 point 24 months ago

Hi, great build btw, but I noticed you said you like 1080p over 2k. 2k is 1080p if we're using the same logic that UHD is 4k when in reality it doesn't have 4,000 horizontal pixels. It's honestly dumb cause we say 1080p but we don't say 2160p for 4k.

Gooberdad 10 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

Let me 'splain. No take too long....1080p is not 2K. 2K is a little larger. 2160p is not 4K either though. It is really Ultra High Definition as true 4k is higher resolution. See the link. We are all wrong ;)


joseph.jackson.mark@gmail.com 1 point 24 months ago

I realize its not actually 2k that's why I said "using the same logic as UHD which is 2160p is actually 4k" I'm not trying to be that guy I'm just saying that "2k" resolution is only used in like cinema not actual gaming.

Gooberdad 10 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

Your first comment made me smile because it reminded me of a confusing conversation I recently had with a salesman at an unnamed big store that thinks it has the best buy on stuff. I had asked what the difference was in watching tv on a 50" 1080p vs a 50" "4K" when sitting about 10 feet away from it. I couldn't tell the difference in the store at that distance. He was really trying hard to sell me the new higher resolution and the information he spewed out was all over the place. I concluded I had to do research on my own and after speaking with another salesman that they were told to sell "4K" tvs over the the older 1080p design.

joseph.jackson.mark@gmail.com 1 point 24 months ago

I've been contemplating switching to UHD gaming for about a year now and every time I look at my monitors I cant justify doing it because I personally don't see much of a change for the price difference. At least as of now.

Gooberdad 10 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

I'm with you. One day I'll see it, but now I'm sitting too far away without a monster sized TV in my case, to see any difference. Besides the price is out of my reach for a quality piece of hardware of a normal size right now.

Fella at BB kept walking me over to larger and larger televisions until I started to see a difference. Note: when your salesman starts talking about tvs with tree names like "Magnolia" ahem....he may have misread you. I wasn't looking for that kind of price or size. Good God 75" or bigger to see a difference at 10 feet? I'll buy another 50" 1080p, thank you.

PCPerson2016 1 point 24 months ago

Kinda stinks that the Hero is now only 206 bucks. +1

Gooberdad 10 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

Super nice.

Cross fire FTW

Thumbs up.

johnraskin 1 point 23 months ago

There were multiple parts that I was unsure about and that weren't really in many builds that you have here. +1, and thanks lol

[comment deleted]