Thank you to all the folks who helped out with advising on this build (iThoughtSheWas16, JasonUK and SEWComputers/TheMTech).

CPU/RAM: I wanted build an everyday system just for browsing, watching videos, light gaming, etc. At first, I wanted to spend around $250 but there were larger improvements to be had with some extra money spent on the CPU and the RAM. I didn't realize I needed a higher frequency RAM for APU based systems until all the good sales were gone. I went about $20 above lowest sale price for the 2133mhz ram. There was a CL9 version of the RAM going for a couple dollars more. It wasn't on the supported memory module list and the motherboard said it supports 1.5V. It sold out pretty fast anyway so I couldn't do any proper research into whether it would work. For future reference, it was this: Would it have worked? *If CPU-Z says that the Max bandwidth is PC3-12800 (800mhz), is that what it's running at? Out of the box, the memory ran at 1600mhz (rated at 2133) so I changed it in BIOS to 2133.

Motherboard: I figured I could expand with this Gigabyte board. and about $15 over for the FM2+. I believe I can have a more powerful number cruncher in the future with a discrete card if I got into gaming. Supposedly, it needs BIOS updates but I'm too much of a novice to even touch that. I guess if it ain't broke, don't break it. I only have a VGA connect monitor so the native resolution is pretty limited.

Case/PSU/Fans: Pretty ugly by most people's standards (I have it behind my monitor so I don't have to look at it). I went with a very utilitarian approach. Most of the cases I looked at were too pricy for the number of features that it came with. I wanted a simple fan controller so I can manually adjust the speeds. This case came with 2X140mm and 1X120. Most cases around $35 don't have 3 fans and a controller. Also, filters were a huge plus. The set up is a really dusty area so I put fabric softener sheets on the front and PSU fan mount points. Got the MassCool fan because it gave me an extra $25 off of my entire purchase at TD. It's ridiculously loud at full voltage.

Peripherals: Bought the TP Link thinking a PCI-E card would have a stronger signal. I'm 40 ft from the router with no walls in between and I only get 3 bars. 9 Year old laptop got 5 bars. So far, no dropped connections. The Rosewill Wifi adapter that I was eyeballing went on sale 2 days after I hit purchase on the TP Link. By all accounts, that's the better option. Still no problems installing the driver or getting it to work so far.

Quick benchmark test (no oveclocking):

MIR: $25 off total purchase, $25 off GX700, $20 off CX430, $30 off Barracuda = $100 (Crossing fingers hoping that these things are processed correctly). All prices on the Part List are after MIR. Total purchase MIR was applied to the APU to make this build look even more like a good budget build.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out.


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Not bad. I would have held out a week for the new "Kaveri" A10s to launch but they should utilize the same socket if you decide you need to update.

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Yeah I thought the Kaveri's would be too expensive although much better graphics-wise. I thought it would be somewhere in the low 100's for the lowest priced SKU. The 5800k does the job for what I play. I can FIFA in alright settings. My standards for gaming is pretty low.

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I was kicking myself for not getting the Samsung Evo 120GB. It was on sale for $99.99 on TD. I'm pretty sure it was this one:

I just didn't pull the trigger fast enough. $20 off purchases over $100 plus $20 off for paying by Visa (checkout or something, the thing like what Mastercard has). I'm pretty sure the delivery charge would've put my purchase over $100. I already have a 3TB and a 128Gb externals so that SSD would've been amazing. Oh well.:(