A modern solid PC gaming experience.

Why is it named The Enclave's Weapon? Well I was originally going to go for a Caesar's legion theme but I thought red is a but over done hence why I have a red keyboard. And tell me whats the next best thing after Caesar's legion? The Enclave. I have to say i'm REALLY digging the white and black aesthetic.

What are my aim's with the build? A immersive 1440p 144hz experience of PC gaming. As a former console scrub I wanted the true and amazing PC experience. I believe I achieved this.

The Evga GTX 1080 FTW? Managed to snag the video card from a guy on eBay for £470 as the guys son had a Minecraft/Roblox PC and wasn't using it. Card arrived in practically new condition. It's really good :)

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Bit of a hassle as a one man crew to get on.


looks and works great


works great and good enough for windows/important programs


looks great, plenty of space, and easy to work with.


Looks great, no dead pixels so far and very sturdy


feels good on the fingers


works great and looks sleek


great sound, comfy and great mic

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