Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. As a pessimist I immediately took a liking to this adage, so I decided to use it as a name. Also, I really couldn't decide on a better one. Eh.

This is my new rig that I'll be using for essentially everything. It easily handles all the games I have and having two monitors is great for multitasking. I was totally blown away when I started playing and I found... I could... turn UP the settings! Coming from a HP laptop that I attempted to game on - with Intel Integrated Graphics - this was mind blowing.

I didn't really run into any big problems with this build, but hey, I guess Murphy let me down. (sorry for missing temps, will update with them later)

Ugh, that desk cable management though.

Some things here are marked $0... why? WD Caviar Blue: I ordered this, it didn't come, I got a refund, bought one at the store, and lo and behold this showed up the next day! Optical Drive: I pulled this out of some old HP prebuilt I had. Turtle Beach PX3: I've had these for... a while. Dell trash OEM mouse: Literally pulled this out of an old closet, planning to get a better one later. It works well, so, hey!

Part Reviews


Got this from a friend who used this for a few weeks then upgraded to the i7 version. Worked like a charm, overclocked to 4.3 GHz.

CPU Cooler

Pretty easy to install. I almost cut myself on the back of the motherboard (sharp solder points!) while putting on the backplate. RGB lighting is awesome, a frickin' awesome cooler for a single 120 thick rad? Count me in.


BIOS on this is a piece of cake. I accidentally OVERclocked my CPU to the point where it didn't post, and resetting the BIOS using the easily accessible header fixed it right away. Build quality is amazing and the little strip of red LEDs on the left side of the board really accents the rest of any red you have. Came with a sexy case badge and a little door hang thing, 11/10.


It's RAM, it works, it looks great. What more is there to say? Seriously though, this stuff is thick but low profile. It's not super gaudy with like bright red accents and "heatsinks". Sleek.


HOLY GabeN, father of Valve! This thing is fast! It takes less than one spin of the little Windows thing for me to get to the login screen. If I wanted to, I could probably be on my desktop in under 20 seconds. Damn.


These things are awesome. They're fast enough for games (WD Black, who cares?!) and they have enough storage for everything I could put on them (not saying I did).

Video Card

Favorite part? That 0 Frozr stuff this has. It's weird to see the fans not running, but this thing is silent even with the fans on. It's got enough display outputs for anything I may ever need, but just watch out for the nVIDIA drivers. Sometimes, things get messy.


Awesome case! The fans that come with the case are pretty good (plenty of air, darn near silent) but I replaced the exhaust with one of the Corsair fans that came with my H80i. It's a LOT louder, but a lot more airflow. Cable management room is ample, and the grommets should be large enough for anything... except the one near the PSU. That should be way bigger.

Power Supply

Platinum power rating? Hot damn. Great PSU, but the only complaint I have is with the cables. The CPU power cable has 3 (!) connectors on it: the 8 pin that everybody uses, but strangely enough, this comes with two 4 pin CPU aux power cables. Nobody uses those! Also, the 24 pin motherboard cable has a giant capacitor right as it comes out of the grommet. Doesn't really allow me to train the cable too well. Oh well.

Optical Drive

This is not really what it is; it's just the same thing. I pulled this out of an old OEM that I had. It works.

Operating System

I love Windows 10, just turn off all that privacy stuff. It's still an awesome OS. DirectX 12, super fast, modern but useful. Has everything I need.

Look past the privacy issues!

Wireless Network Adapter

This thing's antenna is strong. I set up in the opposite corner of my house from my router, in the basement and my speed only dropped about 5 MB/s. It's got Bluetooth, too. As others have said, this hides well under a graphics card.


1080p, 60Hz, relatively large. I'm not a 4k guy, so this is all I need. They work well, colors look bright, and for once(!!!!), there's a monitor with easy to access, easy to use buttons.


I've had these for about 3 years now, and they have never stopped working. Just remember to charge them and set everything up in Windows. Range is amazing, and the mic is very functional. I'm no audiophile, but, when configured with Razer Surround Pro, this thing sounds amazing.


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