My old laptop (Asus Q501LA-BBI5T03) was not keeping up with my work demands, (namely more optional monitor support, more USBs since my mouse and keyboard already take up 2/3, and more storage). I needed a desktop, something simple that would hopefully live long enough to be repurposed to be a nice Linux box, to sit side by side with my gaming windows machine with synergy for mouse/keyboard sharing.

I reused my SSD came from the asus laptop. Added a 16gb m.2 (from someone's old chromebook i think), and a spare HD i have from an older laptop (both not as in description, merely approximations)

The Windows 10 is the retail, not OEM for obvious reasons.

Reasons for part choice. 1) CPU - Good powerful APU, could have chosen the 2400G, but decided i wanted to get the extra since my budget was 500, and i hope to keep this in useful service for as long as possible.

2) Mobo - not my favorite, or first choice, but it was the cheapest with 3 outputs, and an m.2 slot. Major downside is only 1 4ping for fans for the case. Might do a work around on this.

3) was the cheapest duel channel 16gb @3000mhz. I already had 12GB in my laptop since i maxed the upgrades, and some of the ram is needed for graphics, so i was not going to trade down to 8.

4) SSD - MX500 - Solid boot drive

5) Case - cheapest functional case i could find

6) PSU - cheapest functional PSU i could find over 500W / with at least 80+ bronze, that has black sleeved cables, because i'm not entirely anti-ascetic.

7) Retail windows 10, sadly my complex systems of macros that i use to run my office require this OS. :( -Plan to reuse it in a VM at some point in the future when i can turn this baby into a linux Mint work after my other laptop - (Q502LA-BBI5T12) running mint dies or becomes to old. (Yes i have two nearly identical laptops).

--The m.2 has my own homemade heat sink.

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  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

Great little build man! Love how clean and simple the APUs make a computer look. Stoked to see another linux guy on here too. I'm working on getting my machine to dual boot fedora for my CS classes.

  • 6 months ago
  • 2 points

Yea, am loving the empty case, thinking of storing my tea there. Can't wait till i can use this for an awesome Linux box in a few years. Might take some of the parts from my main build by then, add in the better mobo/GTX 1060.

I never duel booted, i just switched my drives or use a proxmox server for VM. Good luck with the CS classes, wish i had done some of those myself, still areas of computers i have to learn for my job.

  • 5 months ago
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Have you tried running Win 10 in a VM on the 3400G, and if yes, how do you find it?

I’m looking at the 3400G or 2400G for running Photoshop in a Win 10 VM, and wondering if I’d need the extra cores of a 3600.

Would love to hear of your experiences!

  • 5 months ago
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I have not, mainly because my macros don't get passed through. In the future i'm sure It will be linux, but i have enough old laptops i don't need to visualize. I maintain my own virtualization server at home for those needs, do highly recommend, can get a server on ebay for, (in my case) 140 bucks for 8 cores, 16gb ram.

Realistically i'd say it depends on if you have a graphics card, i have a 1060 on my home build with a 1600, that does fine for anything i can throw at it, a 3600 would definitely be fine for those sorts of things. I don't use photoshop myself, but i work in IT, and i normally max at about 30% of the APU on this with a ridiculous amount of tabs, and windows. So i'm inclined to say this build would be great for it. I would suggest a different mobo, i'm thinking of returning, its had a few BSOD that i've traced to it...went to cheep, but otherwise its a very good build for the price.