This build was built by me and my friend in April 2014 but only recently I have been able to complete it fully.

This build is a £700 build including a SSD, Operating System, Keyboard, Mouse and a Monitor.

I was using a pirated version of windows 7 however I did then switch to Windows 10 (Technical Preview), then I decided to purchase Windows 7 legitimately in December 2014.

At the heart of this build is the FX6300 a 6 core processor (Quite Old I Know) I was not planning to over-clock so I did not use an after-market heat-sink.

It is on a AS Rock 980DE/US3 motherboard. The amount of bloat-ware on the drivers put me off buying AS Rock again. Its a good board but not good if you intend to oer-clock

The RAM is Corsair Vengence (Red) 1600MHz (2x4 Gb) Kit

The Operating system is on a 64GB Sans Disk SSD.

All my games are on a 1TB WD Caviar Green 5,400 rpm

This machine is powered by a semi modular Corsair CX430M due to the case size more on that later...

The GPU for this build (was the) recently released EVGA GeForce GTX 750 SC. A decent card for the money however if I was to do the build again I would go for an AMD card like the Radeon R7 260X or 270 .

The whole thing is housed in a Sharkoon VS3. This is the worst choice I made in the entire build. Only 3 mounting places Front (120mm) Side(140mm) Back (92mm) It has a Red 120mm LED fan in the front already installed. It is such a bad case because the is no horizontally mountable drive slots. There is just a rats nest of cables in the spaces where the 5.25'' drive bays are. The PSU is top mounted -_- It is really tight to build in espically if you have brought a full ATX board like I did. The BLUE power LED is brighter than the LED of the fans so it is really really pointless (I just disconnected it) The Case was only £30 so what was I expecting?

The Peripherals

My keyboard is a membrane keyboard by Perixx (A good [German] company) PX 3000 £40 good drier software ect. Lighting can be changed to cycle through the 16.9 million colours, flashing ect.

The mouse is a Perixx MX3000 a £20 mouse with lighting control and DPI on the fly changing and up to 8,200 DPI

The headset is a Turtle Beach PX11 PC/Xbox360 headset £30

The monitor I brought on black Friday for £85 22’’ Samsung with 5ms response time. 1920x1080 the PC could handle anything more demanding e.g. more monitors or a larger resolution 1440p or 4k

Overall my build runs most games at 60fps high

Battlefield 4 has to be on medium to get a solid 60

Assassins Creed 4 (BF) 35 on High :(

Hoping that GTA 5 is well optimized to make good use of the PC power.

EDIT:-- "I will update my GPU later this year and get a GTX 960 to help get good FPS on GTA V"

EDIT 2:-- GTA 5 Runs @ 60 FPS on medium texture. high everything else, but no MSAA that just kills the GPU, probably because of the 1Gb VRAM in the PC.

GTA 5 runs medium texture, everything else High, 60fps

The Update:

Added to new fans one at the front (exhaust) 120mm Arctic Cooling f12.

One on the side 120mm Intake onto the CPU heat sink and GPU. Same fan.

Has prevented freezing and blue screening, taht was happening constatly on BF4.

Also helps keep the case cool when playing GTA 5!


  • 57 months ago
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Nice job. This is the best answer to the skeptics about CPU's and GPU's arena's fights. 60fps are enought to human eyes. More than a powerful gigantic and expensive machine, is the well balanced between their parts. This is a good example of that. Enjoy your machine!

  • 57 months ago
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Thanks Mate, So do I need to upgrade GPU if i get a solid 60?

It is 12 months old already :)

  • 57 months ago
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Yes Joe. I would say "a solid 60fps" as you said... Even though you can easily play GTA V. Yesterday i changed several times the graphic modes on Sniper Elite 3 from LOW to ULTRA and was interesting in real time to watch the diferences on the game's menu. Anyhow you will see the difference with your own eyes with a better GPU :-)

  • 57 months ago
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Yeah Cheers I will probably get a new GPU at the end of the year