The Final build ended around $900 before mail in rebates (and around $830 after mail in rebates), and is meant to out-preform prebuilt PC's of similar or greater pricing below the $1200 mark (with the Ryzen 1300X being the closest thing to a bottleneck in the whole build). This was built during the cryptocurrency craze.

                                                                    -General Info-

This was being built as a Visuals/CD burner computer for a church, but is a "Jack of all trades" style computer made to handle whatever you threw at it (within reason) for the original 850 dollar budget which was meant to include:

-Light video editing

-The ability to run smoothly and boot quickly

-Expansion room for the future (and if need be overclocking potential)

-Decent storage space

-Aesthetically pleasing to the eye

-Ability to burn multiple disks at once

-Connect to the internet (aka needs a Wifi chip or enough Ethernet cable to wire a whole house) and to multiple Bluetooth headsets at once.

-Stay cool in a confined space with low maintenance

-A keyboard, mouse

This computer also has the ability to handle high settings in 1920x1080 at 60hz gaming across most, if not all AAA titles as of November 2017 (Info for those who want to clone or modify the build), but will need a CPU upgrade in order to host a stream due to core/thread count. Suggested CPU for streaming would be the Ryzen 1600X due to its overclock range and better, if marginally better, gaming performance as the 1700 for less.


The AMD Ryzen 1300X was the best price/performance CPU that I could get, and I caught it on sale for $99.99 on Cyber Monday.

The CoolerMaster Aio 120 MasterLiquid lite was not only one of the cheapest Aio's at the time (that also went on sale for $30) but it out-preformed 120mm Aio's in the $70-80 range as well.

The Diamond "7 Carat" Thermal paste was one of the best reviewed and best preforming for price I could find. (6.50 at time of purchase)

The Msi B350 Tomahawk I caught on a flash sale for $49.94 on Amazon which opened up overclocking availability in the future if needed, or wanted.

The Geil Ram isnt overly special, but it is Overclock-able and has decent sized heatsinks. Picked it up for $130.

The M.2 Crucial SSD was chosen due to low power draw/performance and bang for buck. Caught it on sale as well at $90.85.

I already had the 7200RPM 500GB Barracuda laying around from a previous build. (also unlisted is the other 500GB WD drive from another build, but I could not find the specific drive on pcpartpicker and was too lazy to add it, and as well I dont have the sata ports now that the Mobo has been changed)

Chose the Zotac 1060 card because it was only a couple dollars difference between it and the lowest end 8gb RX 570 ($230 at the time of purchase), and because the AMD card I wanted went off-sale (the one I wanted was the XFX black core edition... ).

The Coolermaster HAF 912 is an oldie, but a goodie. I will be making custom grommets as well as spray painting the unpainted parts of the case, more for my own sanity than anything else. I managed to get it with MIR for $27.00.

The power supply was the best deal I've seen on a modular supply in quite a while and I needed the modular design to help with cable management in this particular case. Plus the power supply gives huge room for expansion in the future. (ended up getting it for 20$)

Due to the location the PC will be placed, It needed a Wifi card, and the Asus card is sort of a middle ground for cheap vs performance vs quality. ($23.99)

Basic wireless keyboard and mouse. Not much to say there, I caught it at $12.50.

A Bluetooth adapter specifically so it can be connected to the current soundboard and used as a broadcast for the audio for separate Bluetooth headsets and the other various electronics. ($10.00)

(pictures coming in future, once the PC is set up in its final location) (prices exclude some shipping prices and are the prices after mail-in-rebates.)

Part Reviews


Set an all core overclock of 3.88 at stock voltage for everyday use on a MSI B350 Tomahawk. Pretty good overall.

CPU Cooler

Pretty decent cooler for a 65w chip (Amd Ryzen 1300x) at 3.880ghz using Innovation cooling Diamond "7 Carat". Managed 57 degrees C under a prime95 load over the course of an hour using the stock paste, and dropped to 53 C when using the Inno TP under the same load over the course of an hour..

Thermal Compound

Overall impressed with the thermal dissipation of this paste. Managed to get the temps to drop from 57 degrees C to 53 under a prime95 load over an hour of testing with a Coolermaster Masterliquid lite 120mm rad and the rad's thermal paste as a comparison.


Managed to pick this up for 49.94 on amazon, which is a S T E A L for this board. Great overclocking and overall thermals (may have more to do with the CM HAF 912's airflow) and allowed for great OC on both my ram and cpu.


Managed to get this to 2666mhz on cl 16-15-15-35. Decent set of ram, and I am very happy it wasn't DOA, which I saw some reviews got, but also know that their return policy is excellent.


Was able to pick this up for 90 bucks after a MIR and is the main boot drive. Zero complaints.


Decent hard drive, does its purpose.

Video Card

This was a steal when I got this. I picked this up off of amazon for 220 during the crypto-currency boom. The thermals on this card are fantastic in this particular case, which it is dwarfed by.


This is an odd case for a 2017-18 build. I caught this for 30 dollars, and it had all the space I needed for my use case. The issue is, it was slightly too big for the modular power supply cables and made it impossible just due to the combination of parts to do much cable management behind the motherboard, which it has significant room to do.

On the other hand, it has all the features I needed to complete this build, and give good airflow to the components as well. Because the airflow was so great, I was able to get modest overclocks at really good temperatures.

Power Supply

Due to the case I had, (the Coolermaster HAF 912) it didn't have quite enough length in order to cable manage properly by putting the cables behind the motherboard and have more rear routing. Later I will buy some extensions and clean up the cable management. More than powerful enough for this system, and has more than enough power for an upgrade in the future.

Optical Drive

Really good read/write speed, and I have zero complaints here.

Wireless Network Adapter

Decent wireless adapter, wish I had waited and got a newer protocol though.

Case Fan

Decent, but when using a voltage based fan controller, it does not like to have too little power. When not receiving low voltage, it switches between being lit fully and slowing the fan down, and having the fan speed increase but the led dimming. It does exactly what its supposed to do as a fan though, and is decent overall. I just think it wasnt a good match with my fan controller.

Fan Controller

Pretty good quality fan controller. Does its purpose well.


Very good quality screen for money, picked this up for cheap too.


Decent, but a power saving feature on the keyboard is obnoxious. It will turn "off" when Idle long enough, and requires a bit of time to wake up. No other complaints, works as intended.


Able to connect five bluetooth headsets at once and use each as a seperate audio stream. Zero complaints, and the range is fantastic.


  • 10 months ago
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Nice; looks like you'll be able to play the latest games for a good while.

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  • 10 months ago
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I would agree. A better cpu would make more sense for the suggested workload, and a gtx 1060 is probably overkill for a budget video editing computer.

  • 10 months ago
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That may have been accurate if it werent for me catching the gpu on sale. This was built at the height of crypto, and 1050 ti's were selling for around the same price at the time

  • 10 months ago
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Can't argue with that. The gtx 1050ti was about $200 in my area and the 1060 3gb was about just $30-$50 USD more that that :p Makes sense in that case to jump up a level.