This is a upgraded build from a entry level build I made in November of last year.

Name is inspired by the Persona 3 character Aigis. Benchmarks

Dark Souls 2 - 60FPS highest settings 1080P.

League of Legends 200+ FPS highest settings 1080p

Heroes Of the Storm 60 fps highest settings

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim With some mods - 55 average FPS 1080p with texture mods

Ultra Street fighter 4 with mods - 200+ FPS 1080p highest settings

Mortal Kombat x - 60fps on almost all stages except Destroyed City Past (optimization issue). Turned down particles to 70. 1080p

Witcher 3 - 45-60 FPS Average 55 with no hairworks, slightly toned down settings. 1080p

Bioshock Infinite - 60FPS highest settings 1080p

MGSV The Phantom Pain - 60FPS at max settings. Game is incredible optimized and runs really well.

The Aegis is a build I'm extremely happy with so far. I love everything about this case and recommend the build to anyone who's interested in buying a mid range PC that can play most titles at 60fps at 1080p!

Part Reviews


Imo the best mid range intel chip you can get if you don't plan to overclock. Pretty low temps even with the stock cooler and runs all my games well at 1080p no problem.


I mean.. it works. Bought it on a budget in november with the pentium g3258 to do overclocking. The PCI-e removal tab is right next to the ram slot dims and is covered tightly around my GPU. It gets the job done though.


Was reliable, cheap, and works well. No complaints. Bought these in november and been fine since.


reliable and cheap. Haven't had any issues with it since november when I bought it.

Video Card

Upgraded To this GPU from a r7 260x. Can't complain how awesome this GPU is. Comes with a backplate, so props for that to Zotac. Plays almost every game I threw at it at 60 fps at 1080p. Only game that didn't run at 60 on Max was witcher 3, which was expected. Had to tone some of the settings down to get to 55 average FPS. I love this card.


This case is AMAZING! Upgraded from my Xigmatek Recon Mid tower case for this glorious beast of a case. Cable management was a breeze with it thanks to the dual chamber. Only bad part was screwing in and out the case fans were a little annoying, and I had the remove the HDD bay and the top case fan to properly route the CPU power cable. Went with white instead of black because every decent site didn't have black in stock. I'm happy with it though.

Power Supply

Wish I would have went modular, but whatever. The PSU has been reliable since November of last year and I can't complain. More than enough wattage for this upgrade and I couldn't be happier.

Operating System

Was use to windows 8.1 since i had it on a laptop for the past 2-3 years. Can't complain. Looking to upgrade to 10 soon but am skeptical on it.


bought this last week since my old 720p monitor broke. Whole reason why I'm even upgrading. This thing is awesome. 60hz, 1080p, IPS, supports HDmi, Dvi, and VGA, and its solid for a dual monitor set up if you ever wanna do it. Bought it at best buy and they did charge me an extra 20 with the advertised 129.99, but it was fine. I needed it. Can't feel any noticable lag when playing any games, including fighting games like Mortal Kombat X or Ultra street fighter 4.


I wanted a wired mouse that was also a gaming mouse on a budget. Had this mouse for about 3 weeks and I am impressed. Havent used the 2 side buttons for anything yet but its responsiveness is great. Can set you DPI and has rotating LED colors that you can manually set without the need of drivers. 20 bucks. Its a steal.


  • 52 months ago
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Just going to say you missed a prime opportunity by not making the front fans have blue LEDs.

  • 52 months ago
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its a plan in the future. It probably won't be blue though since it would conflict with the red ram sticks.

  • 51 months ago
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Aigis's bow and tie are red and her eyes are blue though

  • 51 months ago
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its a prototype >_> lol

  • 51 months ago
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5/6 i thought u had a CRT monitor lol +1 CPU choice

  • 51 months ago
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I DO! Lol but its so big that it takes to much space on my desk to use :[

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