Note: I already had the external storage, monitor, headphones and gaming mouse prior to building this rig. Looking them up was a huge task considering they are no longer popular models baring the death-adder.

I built this over the 3 weeks due to varying delivery times and splitting the cost over multiple paychecks. I also waited for GPU prices to drop and for the deal with R9 390 cards with Hitman.

The price I paid for most of the components were a lot lower at the time of payment so I'd say the overall cost was in the $1500 range or lower considering I got my peripherals at discount price on a black Friday.

The GPU is an absolute beast and literally takes up the entire length of the top of my case ( I wasn't interested in an optical drive anyway). Also the wattage limit posted on partpicker is inaccurate as the upper limit is actually 375W not 275W but I have enough leeway with a 600W psu. (Update: I replaced a Corsair CX600M with a EVGA SuperNova GQ 650W). Also I have no idea why it shows the PSU as incompatible with the case since I was able to install it with no problems since. )

The mobo works great but doesnt have inbuilt wifi (which shouldnt be a problem for most who use ethernet anyway) I love having 6 3,0 ports in addition to the two ports on the case. (Update: I replaced the AsRock H97M with a Gigabyte Z97MX Gaming 5)

The CPU is a gem and was better value at the time than the 6600K. It more than meets my requirements for what I use the rig for.

I love the case because of it's portability as I move around a lot and it's perfect for LAN parties. The top has a removable lid which allows for better ventilation and with a three-fan gpu there it really helps cool the rig down. The case comes with two stock fans but I added in an extra fan so I could install it near the psu which can get a little noisy ( based on your definition of noisy) to help inflow. I also added two LED strips with loads of lighting features but I usually keep it on solid red which is why I got a red LED fan.

All in all a great learning experience and I loved working on it. I use it mainly for university, a little video-editing and light gaming with FIFA, CSGO and Rocket League.

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  • 21 months ago
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Nice build, ilm not sure why but I really like the first pic cause the rainmeter icon and bg work really nicely together