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£190 - $300 Proof of concept

by MattFraks


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Date Published

July 11, 2015

Date Built

July 9, 2015

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

36.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

58.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

48.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

58.0° C


Basically, My girlfriend was going to buy a laptop for about £250 against my suggestions that for less I could build her one with greater power for most likely less money. I was right :P I also Included an old optical drive and a USB wifi adapter I had around our apartment. It hits games like Minecraft well, on decent settings. It does poorly on newer triple A titles such as Farcry 4 and Crysis 3, However it was never designed for games such as that, it preforms decently on games like Dota 2, Diablo 3, Stardrive, Civ 5 etc pretty well on decent settings.

I will be upgrading it for her in the future, Most likely with a new GPU around Christmas (most Likely the Gtx 950 when released) And possibly an extra stick of R.A.M or an SSD

Thanks for reading, I will Probably put my Pc on here at some point

Part Reviews


Idea for a Build on a Budget, excellent performance per Pound Hyper threading is extremely useful! Especially paired with the Ideal 3.7GHz base clock. If you are looking for a Lg1150 socket i3 Chip, THIS IS THE ONE TO GET


Solid card, One Gpu slot Ideal for a budget build no USB 3.0 front panel connectors. Decent Overclock good Pairing with a i3 or Pentium (G3258) CPU.

Video Card

Cheap, Cheerful does the job. Upgrade to a better card soon after this is recommended!

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m52nickerson 1 Build 1 point 34 months ago

Nice, cheap, simple build.

Skylord 1 point 34 months ago

Just out of curiosity how does this perform in Minecraft?(since you mentioned it)

MattFraks submitter 2 Builds 1 point 34 months ago

By that...? On everything cranked up to max no tp it runs 30 to 40 fps minus render distance is at normal

Skylord 1 point 34 months ago

That's really not to bad!

MattFraks submitter 2 Builds 1 point 34 months ago

Its really not that Hard to run :p

Skylord 1 point 34 months ago

I know, my 7+ year olds laptop I picked up used for$20 can run it at a decent 30fps with high settings

AwesomeJakeman 1 point 31 months ago

What's the case?

xDGx_L3G1T 1 point 31 months ago

Very nice budget, I commend you on this creation with a 1+ :)

[comment deleted by staff]
ajpinton 11 Builds 1 point 34 months ago

I just picked up a G3258, I'm waiting for the right weekend to cook it. :D