It's my first gaming build.

Problems I had and how I resolved them. 1) Big problem was installing the ryzen cpu Fan. I was afraid of breaking the motherboard so I tried to handle it gently, but it takes a lot of force so I just muscled it harder and it was fine. Those spring loaded screws suck on the cpu fan, someone should make a better design.

2) Minor problem. The case and the graphics card fit well together but I didn't push hard enough. I was jiggling it for like 3 minutes until it finally snapped in and lined up for me to put the screw in.

3) Minor problem I only ever installed intel chips so It took a quick video for me to realize how to secure the ryzen chip onto the mobo

4) Huge problem. Totally my fault I was plugging the display port cable into the motherboard instead of the gpu. I thought I would have to install drivers before I could use the GPU, but nope it works fine out of the box. Anyway it wouldn't display anything. That took me a while to figure out. Good thing I didn't screw it back up until I was sure it all worked.

5) Medium problem. Due to inexperience I had trouble with cable management even though the case came with great cable management already done for me. But once I watched a linus tech tip video it was easy and I learned some cable routing techniques.

Overall it took me a month to pick out all the parts and 1 night and one day to put them all together. 10/10 would build again. Everyone should build their own PC if they have the patience and willingness to learn. It was kinda stressful but it was an amazing feeling once everything was working properly.

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WiFi adapter work well? Thinking about getting it as it is the cheapest AC USB 3.0 out there.

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possibly, the worst pictures i have ever seen on anything ever