First off, I am horrible at cable management when it comes to tight boxes. Trust me, this is a tight box. As you may have guessed I'm not a pro, nor have I done this more than a few times. So, without further adeu I present this fun project.

The intention is to do small time 3d graphics and rendering for my work and finally play some of these games I have on the shelves. Everything works decent together, heat stays in the 30s-40s but I haven't pushed it too hard yet.

The Patriot SSD is my boot drive. Computer is alive with 3 seconds, no questions asked.

Corsair h105 I originally started out with a Cooler master Seidon 240 for this build, but after two days it kicked the bucket and they weren't able to replace it so... Corsair h105s had good reviews and I got it for right around my price range. So far, it works good enough.

Asus z170 Deluxe:

Word of caution to those who long for the new asus z170 series motherboards. That fancy plastic cover they put over the I/O audio ports is liable to get in the way of anything you stick directly above it. Whether it be fans or watercoolers it is a pain to make it work. Fan ports are scattered about and are often a bit out of the way, but otherwise no complaints. The utilities are great and intuitive. Onboard fan controllers are intelligent and able to adapt quickly.

MSI Geforce 980:

Probably the most expensive video card I have ever owned. So far it runs both of my monitors fine. No issues so far. The card however is a bit long. It successfully covers ALL of my SATA ports, making it a bit difficult to navigate around it.

Versa 23 Plus case:

Damn thing is probably my weakest link. Lightweight aluminum and steel frame makes it not difficult to lug around. Everything fits very tightly and cable management is utterly ridiculous. The expansion cards slots in the back are the trim away non-replaceable kind. Very difficult to remove after the motherboard is installed and leaves gaping holes. Drive setup REQUIRES 90° sata cables for all 3.5 Hard drives installed. All fans included however are great. They have long cables that reach pretty much all over the board no problem.

Win 8.1:

I have had issues with "Fastboot" automatically turning on my computer if my monitor is still on, which is a nuisance to say the least. I just disabled it for now, but the .5 seconds of boot time is negligible.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

As with most 240mm radiators, this is pretty bulky. Difficult to fit into most smaller cases, but totally worth it. My cpu (I7-6700k) runs at roughly 12-14c at Idle and stays in 40s-50 under load. It is not a bad buy. It comes with thermal compound already applied, which is a pain to remove. Not to mention that the paste itself isn't horrible. You could almost go without replacing it. Almost. Highly recommended.


Love the features, hate the aesthetics. Unfortunately, the pursuit of a visually impressive board has created problems for ANYTHING placed directly above it. Fans, CPU cooler, Etc. The plastic I/O Audio cover is bulky and unnecessary and gets in the way. Otherwise, it is a wonderful addition. The one real plus for this board is its onboard bluetooth and wifi capabilities over its Z170 family counterparts. The wifi is equivilent to an $80 expansion card and it works pretty damn well. With the exception of the AI Suite 5, the Asus software that comes with it is pretty standard, but neat nonetheless. Having been formerly unfamiliar with the AI Suite 5 and others like it, I find myself impressed. All the information about your computer is easy to access, including fan speeds, current temps, current overhead TDPs, cpu frequencies, and more. Recommend this board if you do not have a wifi card, however, the Z170-A is a good alternative.


Comes with filters, and enough fans for EVERY port. It is a great, small case but has almost no cable management solutions. I had to buy external clips to create mounts for zip ties. I also am having issues with the front audio jacks functioning at times. Rear expansions are trim away kind, and the front panel needs some forceful tugs to pull it to remove I had to look it up, but the handle for the front panel is located at the base.

Case Fan

Great fans, short life. Make sure you keep an eye on their 30,000 hour expected lifetime.


Absolutely vibrant color and it doesn't hurt your eyes on those late night sessions. The mount has much to be desired, but otherwise, I like it. The front "buttons" are responsive and intuitive. The power supply is different, almost laptop-like. It is not necessarily a bad thing either, because it wraps up just like any other laptop power cable.


What can I say? This is a good starting mouse and keyboard for just about anyone. They are responsive within 20 feet and have a nice feel to them.


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I just don't see why you bought a $35 power supply with a $1700 build. Frankly, the Rosewill Hive series is not very good. I would have looked into buying a better quality power supply, such as a quality 550W or 650W unit instead. Just my recommendation.

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Honestly, I needed one soon and I was already way over budget. Grabbed it on a sale. Reviews were good, so far my own experience has been as well. Also, I wanted to make sure I had a power supply in the 750+ range to support expansions.

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Working on it... Spent a long time trying to use the case's nooks and crannies to manage the cabling. Unfortunately, the Asus Mobo. has some of its 4-pin fan connectors in the middle of the board. The power supply also has some rather difficult wires to manipulate where I wanted them to go.