Build this for Web Design & Development purpose as well as gaming.

The installation was pretty easy as the case (A31 Thermaltake) provide adequate spaces for all the cables. But the clearance between the radiator fan and the motherboard are really close. So I'm not be able to use tall ram for a while until I replace with bigger case.

Cpu performance were top-notch, it's fast and i'm able to multi-task freely without any hiccup. as expected from 3930k. It was expensive but trust me it's worth the money.

I'm using ocz vertex 3 120gb series as a boot drive. I couldn't find it in here so I pick the 90gb version. The performance of this ssd is quite remarkable. The read & write speed were okay. I didn't expect it to be this fast as I was bit skeptical when I had to choose between this and corsair force series.

The asus 670 DCII 4gb are really monstrous and heavy. but as expected, I'm able to play Bioshock, Crysis 3, BF 3 with max settings so no problem whatsoever in 1080p monitor (samsung 23" LED).

I decided to pick thermaltake water 2.0 extreme after I did a little bit of research on which are the top performer for AIO watercooling products. The idle temperature is around 32-34 and under load temps are around 50-60c. the pump noise was okay at first. but after a month or so usage. it's getting louder and annoying.

For the PSU, I picked corsair hx750. I thought this was fully modular at first but it was not. so it's a bit of a let down. I should have pay more attention on the details. As the 24 pin and 6 pin cpu cables was really bulky. In the other hand, the psu are quite and stable.

Ultimately, it turns out pretty well for me, system was stable. It was fast and responsive. But the loud pumping noise coming from the cooler are annoying. I might replace it with custom water-cooling loop and thinking replacing this case with either 900d or caselabs cases.

added: Corsair SP120 fans x 2


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you called it a "Chaser A31" build but you have a A71 in the list. y?

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Hey,I was not able to find the chaser a31 case when I created this log. Anyway I've updated with correct case. Thanks for the heads up.