PC I built to play D2 on. D2 is running at it's highest possible graphics settings and this thing doesn't break a sweat. Nothing is overclocked right now.

Interior of the case is painted with Rustoleum 2-in-1 paint / primer matte black. Outside is Rustoleum 2-in-1 gloss white. Slot covers also painted white for contrast. Paint took a little longer to dry / fully cure than anticipated, but it was cold here (40F).

Custom window panel cut in the side panel with a 16" x 15.5 glass pane mounted inside with 3M max strength double sided tape. Logo and lettering etched with ArmorTech etching compound. Stencil cut out on Cricut vinyl cutter. Glass might have had some coating on it, as the etching compound took 45 minutes to get a good, solid etch rather than the 15 minutes recommended.

No-name LED fans (with controller) added along with no-name Amazon LED strips. Note that using LED enabled RAM on the Tomahawk MB renders the second LED header inactive, so LED strips were connected to the primary connector. Controller is 3 pin, MB is 4 pin, so I'll need to find a converter. Right now everything is set to pure white.

MSI Dragon Center software for syncing the MB, RAM, GPU and LED strips is an awful piece of software, but I got it to work.

I'll be adding some greiblings to this build as a phase 2, but this is the finished phase 1 build.

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awesome custom work with the painting and etching! Looks super professional

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