Note:Not mentioned in the parts list are the BELKIN BP112230-08 4320 Joule surge protector and the blue Microphones Snowball (the original, not ice).

Building: You may notice that there is no disk drive. I installed Windows 10 (I already had a copy of that available, so it isn't in the list) through a thumb drive. It was a little unnerving to see my PC sitting there, not making any noise, and installing Windows 10 in about the time it took me to get ready for bed. I used my laptop to rip images of any driver disks to an external drive, and then I used Windows 10 on the new system to mount the disk image and install everything.

Performance: This system was built for gaming. The name comes from it being hard and dark on the outside, sweet on the inside, and eats games like a monster :). P is for fourteen, fourteen-forty P! P is for fourteen, fourteen-forty P! Fourteen-forty fourteen-forty P!

Test game some far has been Fallout 4 on max settings (except for AA, which I turned down a bit) on my beautiful 1440p monitor. The clarity and color makes me happy, and the Sennheisers bring everything to life. My ears have seen the light with these open headphones. I built the computer around a good monitor and good sound, and I am pleased that I did.

Purchasing: I got most of the parts on sale starting Black Friday and going through New Years. Most of the parts were through Newegg, but the headphones and mic were through Amazon (free shipping through both!). I want to give a shoutout to the Newegg Premier customer service, who helped me after (1) the 1440p monitor order didn't ship during the hectic season, so they re-submitted the order with the original sale price that I bought it at, and (2) after the first video card that I ordered (took a risk on an open box GPU) had an insufficiently oiled bearing that was making noise, they gave me a free shipping, label, I sent it back, and within about 2 weeks the return had gone through and I got my money back to spend on a new card.

At the times that I purchased them, the total would have come to $2586.87 (not including tax or shipping). I got them on sale, so the total came to $2048.60, and shipping was free. I've been saving for this thing for awhile, and then I pounced on the deals. It is good.


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i like it! so are you putting os on the m.2?

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No, that's for games. The OS is on the SATA SSD, and documents, pictures, music, video, downloads, etc. (any big collection of files) goes on the mechanical.

I give major props to the motherboard sound too! With good headphones like the Sennheiser HD 598, I can't hear even a quiet hiss. The motherboard sound does a good job of keeping out electrical noise.

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Yea that's a great motherboard too, how are your monitors?

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